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UT2003 :: GUI >> GUIComponent >> GUIMultiComponent >> GUIPanel >> GUITabPanel (Package: XInterface)

The GUITabPanel is the basic building block for the majority of the menu systems for the game. All the tab menus in the menu system can be found as subclasses.

[edit] Properties

bool bFillHeight 
If true, the panel will set its height = Top - ClipY
GUITabButton MyButton 

[edit] Methods

InitPanel ( ) 
An empty method that should be subclassed for specific behavior.
ShowPanel (bool bShow)
Specifies whether the panel should shown, should be subclassed for specific behavior.
bool CanShowPanel ( ) 
The selection of the behavior of the tab, should be subclassed for specific behavior.
Refresh ( ) 
Refreshes the TabPanel.

[edit] Known Subclases

 |  +-Browser_IRC
 |  +-Browser_MOTD
 |  +-Browser_Prefs
 |  +-Browser_ServerListPageBase
 |     +-Browser_ServerListPageFavorties
 |     +-Browser_ServerListPageLAN
 |     +-Browser_ServerListPageMS
 |        +-Browser_ServerListPageBuddy
 |        +-Browser_ServerListPAgeMSCustom
 |  +-IRC_Channel
 |  |  +-IRC_Private
 |  +-IRC_System
 |  +-Tab_SpeechBinder
 |  +-Tab_IABombingRun
 |  +-Tab_IACaptureTheFlag
 |  +-Tab_IADeathMatch
 |  |  +-Tab_IATeamDeathMatch
 |  +-Tab_IADoubleDomination
 |  +-Tab_SPLadderBase
 |  |  +-Tab_SPLadderQualify
 |  |  +-Tab_SPLadderTeam
 |  +-Tab_SPProfileLoad
 |  +-Tab_SPProfileNew
 |  +-Tab_SPRoster
 |  +-Tab_SPTutorial

smattbac: It seems that tabs wont be drawn unless they have atleast one control with bTabStop=True?

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