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UE3:SavedMove (UDK)

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UDK Object >> SavedMove


This class in other games:
RTNP, U1, U2, U2XMP, UE2Runtime, UT, UT2003, UT2004, UT3

SavedMove is used during network play to buffer recent client moves, for use when the server modifies the clients actual position, etc.

[edit] Properties

[edit] AccelDotThreshold

Type: float

threshold for deciding this is an "important" move based on DP with last acked acceleration

Default value: 0.9

[edit] Acceleration

Type: Object.Vector

[edit] bDoubleJump

Type: bool

[edit] bDuck

Type: bool

[edit] bForceMaxAccel

Type: bool

[edit] bForceRMVelocity

Type: bool

client-side only (for replaying moves) - not replicated

[edit] bPreciseDestination

Type: bool

[edit] bPressedJump

Type: bool

[edit] bRun

Type: bool

[edit] CustomTimeDilation

Type: float

[edit] Delta

Type: float

amount of time for this move

[edit] DoubleClickMove

Type: Actor.EDoubleClickDir

Double click info.

[edit] EndBase

Type: Actor

[edit] NextMove

Type: SavedMove

Next move in linked list.

[edit] RMVelocity

Type: Object.Vector

[edit] Rotation

Type: Object.Rotator

[edit] SavedLocation

Type: Object.Vector

[edit] SavedPhysics

Type: Actor.EPhysics

[edit] SavedRelativeLocation

Type: Object.Vector

[edit] SavedVelocity

Type: Object.Vector

[edit] StartBase

Type: Actor

[edit] StartFloor

Type: Object.Vector

[edit] StartLocation

Type: Object.Vector

[edit] StartRelativeLocation

Type: Object.Vector

[edit] StartVelocity

Type: Object.Vector

[edit] TimeStamp

Type: float

Time of this move.

[edit] Functions

[edit] Static functions

[edit] SetFlags

static function Actor.EDoubleClickDir SetFlags (byte Flags, PlayerController PC)

[edit] Instance functions

[edit] CanCombineWith

function bool CanCombineWith (SavedMove NewMove, Pawn InPawn, float MaxDelta)

[edit] Clear

function Clear ()

[edit] CompressedFlags

function byte CompressedFlags ()

[edit] GetStartLocation

function Object.Vector GetStartLocation ()

[edit] IsImportantMove

function bool IsImportantMove (Object.Vector CompareAccel)

[edit] PostUpdate

function PostUpdate (PlayerController P)

[edit] SetInitialPosition

function SetInitialPosition (Pawn P)

[edit] SetMoveFor

function SetMoveFor (PlayerController P, float DeltaTime, Object.Vector NewAccel, Actor.EDoubleClickDir InDoubleClick)

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