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UT2004 :: Actor >> Pawn >> Vehicle >> ASVehicle >> ASTurret

Abstract class of all the various turrets seen in the Assault gametype.

With the exception of ASTurret_Minigun and ASTurret_IonCannon, ASTurrets are automated turrets used to defend objectives in Assault maps. Unlike the ONSManualGun turrets that defend powernodes in Onslaught maps, and players need not control them directly. Some turrets, such as the ASTurret_LinkTurret allow players to operate them remotely, using control panels (Trigger_ASTurretControlPanel) . Others are completely automated, like the Sentinel.



information regarding the AS_Turret_Base on which the turret sits.

class<ASTurret_Base> TurretBaseClass 
Reference to the turret's base's class.
AS_Turret_Base TurretBase 
pointer to this turret's base.
Rotator OriginalRotation 
The direction this turret points when it spawns.


class<ASTurret_Base> TurretSwivelClass
ASTurret_Base TurretSwivel


float YawAccel 
Acceleration factor for when the turret turns from side to side
float PitchAccel 
Acceleration factor for when the turret turns up and down
const float RotationInertia 
Momentum of rotation.
const Range RotPitchConstraint 
Min=0d,-90d Max=0d,+90d 16384=0d 0=90d
const float RotationSpeed 
How fast the turret rotates.
vector CamAbsLocation 


Rotator LastCamRot 
float LastTimeSeconds 
float CamRotationInertia 


bool bZooming
float DesiredPlayerFOV 
float MinPlayerFOV 
float OldFOV 
float ZoomSpeed 
float ZoomWeaponOffsetAdjust 
Material ZoomTick 
Material ZoomTickTex 


Texture WeaponInfoTexture 
name ObjectiveTag[6] 
Tags for the objectives this turret is defending. Bots will choose the most closest.
array<SVehicleTrigger> EntryTriggers 
Triggers used to enter the turret when the player presses the 'use' key.




Known Subclasses


   +- ASTurret_BallTurret
   +- ASTurret_IonCannon
   +- ASTurret_LinkTurret
   +- ASTurret_Minigun
   +- ASVehicle_Sentinel
      +- ASVehicle_Sentinel_Ceiling
      +- ASVehicle_Sentinel_Floor

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Oh, and what is ASTurret_BallTurret and is it remote control only? could be mentioned in the first paragraph.

MythOpus: Its one of the remote/auto turrets that are used in AS-Mothership.

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