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ASVehicleFactory: SentinelCeiling (UT2004)

Sentinel Ceiling is an automated energy turret, which can be used even for anti-spawn-camping and automated defender turrets.
It can be used as a normal defense turret by setting ASVehicleFactory_SentinelCeiling -> bSpawnCampProtection: FALSE
In that case, the sentinel is "closed" until something hits it or until it sees an enemy. Generally it kills a player with 100 health,(and no shield) in 5-6 shots.

But the sentinel can be also set to bSpawnCampProtection: TRUE

In that case, the sentinel will act as a super-strong turret. Only recommended for spawn camp protection!
Setting bSpawnCampProtection: TRUE, will enhance
the sentinel, and it will kill any player in 1 shot (200 damage per shot), and always opened.


Sentinels are triggerable. Here are the functions about how will they effect when triggered:

When triggered, the bEnabled will be toggled between 'False' and 'True' activating and deactivating the sentinel.

When triggered, the sentinel will spawn (not depending on bEnabled). Isn't activated before triggering

SpawnProgress (Assault Only):
Difficult to describe in just a few words, here is a short tutorial instead:

Make sure you have a working assault map first.
Place 2 sentinels, then select a sentinel, and set it's tag to SpawnProgressSentinel1, and bEnabled to 'True'.
Now select the another one and set it's tag to SpawnProgressSentinel2, and bEnabled to 'False'.
Now select the 1. sentinel and set ASVehicleFactory -> NextFactoryTag: SpawnProgressSentinel2.
Now place a trigger to a known place of you, and set it's event to SpawnProgressSentinel1 (make sure that you can see both the sentinels from the trigger, this is not needed, only to see the effect).


Delta:Seems to work correctly...