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UT2004 :: Object >> Actor (Property Group: None)

These are the so-called hidden variables. They can't be accessed in the Actor Properties Window (but see that page for ways to work around this).

vector Acceleration 
For physics types that move the actor based on its Velocity, the Acceleration is constantly applied.
float AccumKarmaAngleError 
ActorRenderDataPtr ActorRenderData (const native) 
array<Actor> Attached (const) 
Array of actors attached to this actor.
name AttachmentBone (const) 
Name of bone to which actor is attached (if attached to center of base.
bool bAlreadyPrecachedMaterials 
bool bAlreadyPrecachedMeshes 
bool bAlwaysRelevant 
Always relevant for network.
bool bAlwaysTick (const) 
Update even when players-only.
bool bAlwaysZeroBoneOffset 
If true, offset always zero when attached to skeletalmesh.
bool bAnimByOwner 
Animation dictated by owner.
Actor Base (const) 
Actor we're standing on.
bool bBadStateCode 
Used for recovering from illegal state transitions (hack)
bool bBlockPlayers 
OBSOLETE - no longer used
bool bBlockProjectiles 
bool bBlocksTeleport 
bool bCanBeDamaged 
Can take damage.
bool bClientAnim 
Don't replicate any animations - animation done client-side.
bool bClientAuthoritative (const) 
Remains ROLE_Authority on client (only valid for bStatic or bNoDelete actors).
bool bClientDemoNetFunc (const) 
True if we're client-side demo recording and this call originated from the remote.
bool bClientDemoRecording (const) 
True we are currently recording a client-side demo.
bool bClientTrigger 
replicated property used to trigger client side ClientTrigger() event.
bool bCollideWorld 
Collides with the world.
bool bCompressedPosition 
Used by networking code to flag compressed position replication.
bool bDeleteMe (const) 
About to be deleted.
bool bDemoOwner (const) 
Demo recording driver owns this actor.
bool bDemoRecording (const) 
True we are currently demo recording.
bool bDestroyInPainVolume 
Destroy this actor if it enters a pain volume.
bool bDetailAttachment (const) 
If actor is attached to Karma object, only move once a frame regardless of timestep subdivision. Only valid when bCollideActors is false.
bool bDisturbFluidSurface 
Cause ripples when in contact with FluidSurface.
bool bDramaticLighting 
bool bEdSnap 
Should snap to grid in UnrealEd.
bool bForceSkelUpdate 
Update skeleton (and attached actor positions) even if not rendered.
bool bHurtEntry 
Keep HurtRadius from being reentrant,
bool bIgnoreOutOfWorld 
Don't destroy if enters zone zero.
bool bIgnoreVehicles 
Ignore collisions between vehicles and this actor (only relevant if bIgnoreEncroachers is false).
bool bInterpolating 
Performing interpolating.
bool bJustTeleported (const) 
Used by engine physics - not valid for scripts.
bool bLightChanged 
Recalculate this light's lighting now.
bool bNetDirty (transient const) 
Set when any attribute is assigned a value in unrealscript,
bool bNetInitial (const) 
Initial network update.
bool bNetInitialRotation (const) 
Should replicate initial rotation.
bool bNetNotify 
The actor wishes to be notified of replication events. The actor gets the simulated function PostNetReceive() called whenever replication occurs, e.g. in Ammunition whenever AmmoAmount gets changed.
bool bNetOwner (const) 
Player owns this actor.
bool bNetRelevant (const) 
Actor is currently relevant. Only valid server side, only when replicating variables.
bool bNetTemporary (const) 
Tear-off simulation in network play.
bool bNoRepMesh 
Don't replicate mesh.
bool bNotifyLocalPlayerTeamReceived 
Wants NotifyLocalPlayerTeamReceived()
bool bNotOnDedServer 
Destroy if on dedicated server and RemoteRole== ROLE_None (emitters, etc.)
bool bObsolete 
Actor is obsolete - warn level designers to remove it.
bool bOnlyAffectPawns (const) 
Optimisation - only test overlap against Pawns. Used for influences etc.
bool bOnlyDirtyReplication 
If true, only replicate actor if bNetDirty is true - useful if no C++ changed attributes (such as physics)
bool bOnlyDrawIfAttached 
Don't draw this actor if not attached (useful for net clients where attached actors and their bases' replication may not be synched).
bool bOnlyOwnerSee 
Only owner can see this actor.
bool bOnlyRelevantToOwner 
This actor is only relevant to its owner.
bool bOrientOnSlope 
When landing, orient base on slope of floor.
bool bOwnerNoSee 
Everything but the owner can see this actor.
bool bPathTemp (transient) 
Internal/path building.
bool bPendingDelete 
Set when actor is about to be deleted (since endstate and other functions called during deletion process before bDeleteMe is set).
bool bRepClientDemo (const) 
True if remote client is recording demo.
bool bReplicateAnimations 
Should replicate SimAnim.
bool bReplicateInstigator 
Replicate instigator to client (used by bNetTemporary projectiles).
bool bReplicateMovement 
If true, replicate movement/location related properties.
Model Brush (const export) 
Used by Brush subclass actors with DrawType=DT_Brush. The Model object is the actual shape of the brush.
bool bScriptInitialized 
Set to prevent re-initializing of actors spawned during level startup
bool bSelected (const) 
Selected in UnrealEd.
bool bShouldStopKarma (transient const) 
bool bShowOctreeNodes 
bool bSkipActorPropertyReplication 
f true, don't replicate actor class variables for this actor.
bool bSmoothKarmaStateUpdates 
When true, karma state updates will be smoothly interpolated.
bool bStatic (const) 
Does not move or change over time. Level designers should not change this, it will screw up net play.
bool bTearOff 
If true, this actor is no longer replicated to new clients, and is "torn off" (becomes a ROLE_Authority) on clients to which it was being replicated.
bool bTempEditor 
bool bTicked (transient const) 
Actor has been updated.
bool bTimerLoop 
Timer loops (else is one-shot).
bool bTraceWater 
If true, trace() by this actor returns collisions with water volumes.
bool bTrailerAllowRotation 
If PHYS_Trailer and want independent rotation control.
bool bTrailerPrePivot 
If PHYS_Trailer and true, offset from owner by PrePivot.
bool bTrailerSameRotation 
If PHYS_Trailer and true, have same rotation as owner.
bool bTravel 
Actor is capable of travelling among servers.
bool bUpdateSimulatedPosition 
f true, update velocity/location after initialization for simulated proxies.
bool bUseCollisionStaticMesh 
bool bWasSNFiltered 
Mainly for debugging - the way this actor was inserted into Octree.
bool bWorldGeometry 
Collision and Physics treats this actor as world geometry.
Matrix CachedLocalToWorld 
vector CachedLocation (const) 
rotator CachedRotation (const) 
int CollisionTag (const native) 
vector ColLocation (const) 
Actor's old location one move ago. Only for debugging.
Actor Deleted (const) 
Next actor in just-deleted chain. (not accessible through UnrealScript)
float FluidSurfaceShootStrengthMod 
If bDisturbFluidSurface== true, FluidSurface's ShootStrength is multiplied by this before doing the ripples.
Matrix HardRelMatrix (const) 
Transform of actor in base's ref frame. Doesn't change after SetBase.
Material HighDetailOverlay 
If high detail mode, use this overlay when no other overlay is active.
Pawn Instigator 
Pawn responsible for damage caused by this actor.
Inventory Inventory 
This actor's Inventory chain. Usually used by Pawns to store the player's inventory and by the Inventory class itself to build the linked list of inventory items.
int JoinedTag (const transient) 
int KStepTag (const native) 
float LastRenderTime (transient) 
Last time this actor was rendered.
float LatentFloat (const) 
Internal latent function use.
array<int> Leaves (transient) 
BSP leaves this actor is in.
LevelInfo Level (const) 
Level this actor is on.
LightRenderDataPtr LightRenderData (const native) 
MeshInstance MeshInstance (transient) 
Mesh instance.
class<LocalMessage> MessageClass 
A LocalMessage class associated with this actor.
float NetPriority 
Higher priorities means update it more frequently.
int NetTag (const transient) 
float NetUpdateFrequency 
How many net updates per seconds.
float NetUpdateTime 
Time of last update
Box OctreeBox (const transient) 
Actor bounding box cached when added to Octree. Internal use only.
vector OctreeBoxCenter (const transient) 
vector OctreeBoxRadii (const transient) 
array<pointer> OctreeNodes (const transient) 
Array of nodes of the octree Actor is currently in. Internal use only.
Actor Owner 
Owner actor.
Actor PendingTouch 
Actor touched during move which wants to add an effect after the movement completes.
PhysicsVolume PhysicsVolume (const) 
physics volume this actor is currently in.
array<ProjectorRenderInfoPtr> Projectors (const native) 
Projected textures on this actor.
PointRegion Region (const) 
A struct describing the region this actor is in. Oly one property in this struct is commonly used: Region.Zone references the ZoneInfo of the zone containing the actor.
vector RelativeLocation (const) 
Location relative to base/bone (valid if base exists).
rotator RelativeRotation (const) 
Rotation relative to base/bone (valid if base exists).
ENetRole RemoteRole 
Remote network role. See Role.
int RenderRevision (const native) 
Material RepSkin 
Replicated skin (sets Skins[0] if not none)
ENetRole Role 
Local network role. See Role.
AnimRep SimAnim 
Only replicated if bReplicateAnimations is true
EFilterState StaticFilterState 
StaticMeshInstance StaticMeshInstance 
Contains per-instance static mesh data, like static lighting data.
array<StaticMeshProjectorRenderInfoPtr> StaticMeshProjectors (const native) 
array<BatchReference> StaticSectionBatches (const, native) 
float TimerCounter (const) 
Counts up until it reaches TimerRate.
float TimerRate 
Timer event, 0=no timer.
array<Actor> Touching (const) 
List of touching actors.
Level XLevel (transient const) 
The Level object. (not to be confused with the LevelInfo actor accessible through the Level property.