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Legacy:Actor (UT)/Collision

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These properties determine the size and behaviour of an Actor_(UT)'s collision cylinder.

Note that the cylinder is always upright, no matter what the Actor_(UT)'s orientation.


Boolean Flags

Blocks non-player Actor_(UT)s.
Blocks player actors (PlayerPawns and Bot (UT)s).
Collides with other Actor_(UT)s.
Collides with the world geometry.
Collides when being moved; can't be set into geometry.
Set this true if you want your object to be a potential target for projectiles (subject to adjusted aim in single-player mode).

Collision Cylinder

The size of the collision cylinder is given by the two properties CollisionHeight and CollisionRadius: The diameter of the collision cylinder is 2 × CollisionRadius and its height is 2 × CollisionHeight.

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