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UT2003 :: Object >> AdminBase >> Admin (Package: Engine)
Postal 2 :: Object >> AdminBase >> Admin (Package: Engine)

An Object within the PlayerController class that allows players to login as server administrators and perform various administrative functions.

In UT200x this class is only used if the AccessControlClass is set to Engine.AccessControl, i.e. the basic admin interface. The advanced admin interface XAdmin.AccessControlIni uses the AdminIni class for handling logged-in admins.

In Postal 2 this is the only Admin class besides AdminBase and it is the default for all Postal 2 gametypes.

Functions [all exec][edit]

Note: In order for exec functions within this class to be executed, they must be preceded with the word "admin". This is coded within PlayerController.

DoLogin(string Password)
Attempts to log the player in as an administrator. This is done by calling the AccessControl's AdminLogin function and comparing the given password with the AccessControl's admin password. If successful, the bAdmin value is set to true.
Logs the player out of administrator.
KickBan(string S)
Instructs the GameInfo to kick and ban the player specified by S.
Kick(string S)
Instructs the GameInfo to kick the player specified by S.
Logs a list of all players in the game along with their pings.
Supposedly restarts the map. However, due to a bug in the function, it simply causes the player giving the command to reconnect to the server.
Switch(string URL)
Tells the server to switch to the specified URL. URL can be a mapname or a full-blown URL with gametype, mutators, etc.
Tells the server to switch to the next map.

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