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Ambershee, aka AmberZ, Z0mG_Rockitz!!!1 in UT2004.

My real name is Luke Parkes-Haskell, and I'm an Unreal Programmer currently located in London, UK. I have worked under my alias as a developer for several years, and you can find my now five year old mod group out there hiding on the interweb. Yes, we do also behave like five year olds.

When I'm not programming (a rarity!), I'm an ex-professional miniature painter, student of obscure martial arts, and more likely, down the pub.


  • 3 Years C, C# and C++ programming experience, including software rendering and DirectX.
  • Programmed in GML, LSL, UnrealScript, ActionScript and LUA
  • Worked with GameBryo, Unreal Technology, iD Tech 3, and a few other middleware solutions
  • Loudmouthed and opinionative.

Unreal Projects[edit]

I'm currently working on a number of Unreal 3 and programming tutorials, which you can visit here:


I'm also working on a server / player customisation mutator called 'Server King', and an unannounced total conversion project 'Sonic Boom'.

Related Links[edit]

  • Shee Labs – my mod group.
  • ModDB – I have wasted four years of my life frequenting this place on a regular basis.
  • Derby University – I studied here. They forced this UT2004 nonsense upon me, so blame them for my presence.
  • CityScape - I work as a game programmer here.

Talk to Me[edit]

Ambershee: Ah, the almighty personal page arrives. I guess that means I'll be here for a while.

Tarquin: Hello! Sorry you've not had a welcome yet. Here it is, if a little late :)

Ambershee: Oh, hai! I've not been around much recently =]