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Discussion page for the Architecture topic header page

Tao:Hey tarq,I think your new organization for the architecture section is maybe a little too complex and unfriendly to browse. Maybe we should put the more basic stuff at the beginning (brush,addition/substracion,etc...). It looks a bit like a tech doc... hey excuse my critics,you're doing a tremendous job :)

Tarquin It's a fair point. I've been pondering that page for a few days. I like the "Creating Shapes" section, because that groups all the ways of changing the red builder brush, though the actual header name I just made up on the spot ;-)
I'm not sure what everyone had against Beginner Topics, maybe that could become the "introduction to mapping" topic list, or maybe have a "basics" section at the top of the architecture page.
At some point I'll be digging up everything I've posted on semisolids to BuF-Ed... that'll be pretty technical!
Tao: IMHO for example ,and for the sake of making it accessible to complete begginers who don't know where to look and who could be submersed by the quantity of information: subtraction and addition should be read before Intersect, 'brush clipping' or 'vertex editing'. The 'beginners topic' section is copycat of 'tutorial', a complete noob would be confused. What I mean is the noob should be able to read all in one go and have it clear in his head.
Tarq: I agree that thematic order & n00b-advisory order are not the same. My idea for the Beginner Topics was that it would be a selection of links from places like Architecture, arranged in n00b-friendly order with extra explanations & also links to n00b-specific tutorials. Alternatively, we could have a sub-page like Architecture/Beginners.
Anyway, the sections after "Creating Shapes" are still messy, I'm finding it a really hard topic to organize logically :-)
TossMonkey: Personally I think this whole site is the best idea ever. Anyway, I moved that Artistic thingy I originally put in the UnrealEd Tips section into the design section, mainly because it would be more suited there. I am not hugely keen on the layout of this site, it's a wee bit mind boggling with all this info :D
Machismo: err how about a general section with links to web page reference material for architecture like gothic, industrial etc. like this page
Tarquin: great idea, Mach!
Machismo: hey tarquin i've been collecting a host of sites with gothic architecture. i've compiled it into a PDF file should I upload it somewhere ... need authors permission first though :p

I think there is a problem looming in that level building has changed in some very significant ways from previous versions of the engine. In fact the numerous changes across the engine are bound to cause trouble not just in this section. I think now is the time to dicuss how info applicable to Unreal/UT/RUNE/Wot/Undying is going to be distinguished from UT2003 onwards info. Simply putting what has changed sections and various notes is not a good way to deal with it. Shot of editing all pages to have headers what, other ways can this info be reorganized? Does anyone have a new structure proposal for adding in pages? Maybe we need a set of icons for pages (which doen't help text searches though)? If something isn't done now in the early stages of transition, the wiki could become a big mess. Already some areas are starting to fragment and get confusing. Imagine what it might be like for someone without the knowledge of years of following the various engine developments? At least a clear well thought out presentation of UT2003+ material should be made, as though starting from scratch. Then the older material can be back filled. -Gith

Balu: I wonder if we should include links to texture/mesh/whatever-collections somewhere. Those could be nice ressources for mappers searching for things to get their new map ready

Tarquin: Sure.