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Legacy:Artillery Tower

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Okay, basically this mod it a team game, with teams of 2v2 up to 6v6. Both teams have an iron tower with various rooms in them, an ammo room where they can get ammo,a small room with a mounted turret to shoot down ammo but can't harm the tower, a hospital to heal themselves, and in the basement an engine room, this is where the mortars get their power, some kind of machine puts coal into the furnace to generate power, but as the tower gets damaged the machine can break, and then somebody has to either repair the machine, or take a shovel and start shoveling the coal himself. The players themselves are armed with a pistol of some sort, and a machine gun, a wrench to repair machines, and a shovel to use as a weapon or to shovel coal. The players can pick up ammo, which makes the player move a bit slower and makes their only attack to throw the ammo. When they bring the ammo to the mortar the throw it into the slot at the back of the mortar and can if they wish throw up to three ammos in the chute, then they must walk to the side of it and get on a small seat which gives them control of the mortar, they aim the turret and fire, after they fire off [the ammo in the chute they go back and get more ammo or do other things. When ammo hits a tower it damages it and adds any effects the ammo had along with it, such as acid shells burning the tower for a time or frag bombs shattering and spraying shrapnel everywhere. once the tower is at zero health a room in the tower will open and a large bomb will appear in the ammo room of the other team, it cannot be loaded into the mortar and must be carried by a player into the opposing tower, the player must plant the bomb and run before the bomb detonated, the opposing team can diffuse the bomb by pressing the USE key by it(or some other button) and the bomb will dissappear, then the other team must try again, the game goes on until one team manages to detonate the bomb in the opponents tower and destroy it.

ammo is distributed from a console in the ammo room, the player walks up to the console and a screen opens up asking what ammo the person wants, the player selects it and then has to wait for the ammo to be created, this varies from ammo to ammo, some taking less than a second, others taking much longer.some ideas for ammo I have:

[acid ammo, that burns the tower when it hits it for a while

[interceptor ammo, little rockets that try to hit enemy ammo when they are shot out of the mortar

[napalm bomb, when it hits it sprays unlit napalm all over the place, which then ignites soon after

[bombshell, basic ammo that makes a small explosion when it hits

[scatter bomb, when it's hit by enemy fire it splits into smaller shells that do moderate damage

(yes I'm aware that this setup is like a nintendo DS game, I watched my little brother play it and thought it was a good idea, for the record the base idea of this is made by nintendo NOT me)