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Note: This page needs to be edited to reflect the downloadable file - they do not match

A quick test level to see our mesh in game[edit]

Ok one more material to paint the ground with is needed, I used the setup shown in Tile #01...

If over the next bit you only see a black screen in your render viewport, try turning the lighting mode (in the bar across the top of the actual render view port) to unlit mode

Minimize the Generic Browser, and make a Cube Brush that is X 2048, Y 2048, Z 2

Add the brush, right click it, and then Select All Surfaces, expand the Generic Browser, and apply the texture by selecting the Soil Texture we just made, then select the steam vent, and shut the Generic Browser, right-click on the ground in roughly the middle, Add Actor, and then choose to Add the Static Mesh (should be the one at the top of the list).

Move it to desired location, ensuring that the square base is burried one unit below the ground, you will likely have to drop the drag grid to do this, it is under View in the menu bar, I needed to drop it to one, unless you want real headaches in the process of level desgin, never turn the draw grid off, at least when trying to get things to aline, sometimes, especially with meshes you might have to take it off - just to get that extra look of perfection, but not this time ;)

Finally a light and a sky are needed. Select the Generic Browser again, and go to the tab at the top which is called Actors, slide down to the entry called Light, expand it, and select SkyLight, Right click anywhere on the ground and add the light to illuminate the scene. Go back to the Generic Browser (don't forget to move back to the Generic tab at the top), and under the file menu, open, and provided you installed to the default place, you will find UN-Sky under the following directory tree, C:/Program Files/Unreal Tournament 3/UT Game/CookedPC/Environments, open it, and then look for it in the list at the bottom left of the Generic Browser, click it, search for a good sky, like S_UN_Sky_SM_SkyDome03, drop it on your terrain with the right click, and add actor that we did with the steam vent (exactly the same), move it down, so that from roughly eye level you can't see the black, the black area causes a wierd feedback when it is visible, it looks horrible, but we are only testing this mesh, not building a level, and this should suffice to view it in the editor.

Up in the top tool bar, click the Build All button (a cube with a light bulb on it) You will prolly get a few warnings, they are unimportant for this task, right click on the ground some where, and go to the option in the drop down menu that reads Play From Here (Ctrl Spectates)

You should have a pretty good idea of how it looks from with in the game now, don't fall off the edge :p (See Tile #02).

As a final thought I decided that 3 variants of the mesh would be required to stop the players eye from bleeding, below in Tile #03 is an example of what I made....



BaSCP Steam Vents

Image Tiles[edit]

Tile #01: Nothing that exciting...
Tile #02: Pew Pew Pew!!!
Tile #03: A room for testing the steam vents, untweaked lights have been placed to give it a bit of a better feel, the meshes have also been scaled and rotated to add to varience