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Category:Legacy Class (UT2003)

UT2003 :: Object >> Commandlet >> BatchImportCommandlet (Package: Editor)

A native commandlet for importing multiple files into a package.


UCC Editor.BatchImport <package filename> <import type> <wildcard>


At the command line in a DOS box:

C:\UT2003\System> UCC Editor.BatchImport ..\Sounds\MyNewSoundPackage.uax audio D:\UTSounds\MySounds\*.wav

This imports all wave files in the D:\UTSounds\MySounds directory into the package MyNewSoundPackage.uax.


package filename 
Name of the (new) package with path and file extension.
import type 
The type of resource to import. This could be something like "Audio", "Texture" or "StaticMesh".
A wildcard specifying the location of the file(s) to import.

How does This Work?

The BatchImport commandlet only executes import console commands for every file that matches the specified wildcard. The command looks like this:

<import type> import package="package name" file="path and name of matching file" name="name of file without extension"

Note that the import type isn't an object class, it's actually a console command.

Known Import Types And Extensions

Import Type Extension(s) Notes
Audio wav Sounds
Texture pcx, bmp, tga, dds Textures will be imported with default settings, i.e. not masked, default LOD set (which one?), etc.
StaticMesh lwo, T3D (others?) Static Meshes will be imported with collision and no additional commands are executed (e.g. STATICMESH SETPROJECTION MESH=someMesh AREAID=number)

Note: the T3D format on StaticMesh will error on import if the proper textures are not in place before hand ( exactly properly done).

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