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About me[edit]

Hello, I'm Bjørn. I have been modding for the UT2003 total convertion Unreal Annihilation, which is an attempt to recreate the game of Total Annihilation with the UT2003 engine (and mix Battle Zone elements). This Wiki thing seems ultra cool, I hope to find some pages waiting for a usefull contribution.

You can contact me through MSN: b_lindeijer@hotmail.com


Bjørn: So, hi fellow Wiki developers! :-)

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Hey! Welcome to the wiki! :) :tup: Hooah!! I beat all of yah!!!!!!!!!

Tarquin: Hello. Beaten again by Zxan. Darn. ;) Welcome to the Unreal Wiki, Bjorn. I think you'll find pages in need of attention all over the place... ;)

ZxAnPhOrIaN: HEHEHE............... /me trails off into oblivion