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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Decoration (UT) >> Cannon

This decoration, when triggered, will point in the direction of the player. Under normal circumstances in Unreal Tournament, the cannon will not shoot no matter how many times you trigger it.


Cannon Group

The sound the cannon makes when it is activated.
How far away Instigator must be to deactivate Cannon.
How far down to drop spawning of projectile.
The amount of damage the cannon can take before being destroyed.
How often we sample Instigator's location.
How fast Cannon tracks Instigator.


If you type in fly after you die in a deathmatch game (needs testing in CTF, Domination and Assault), you can move around as a 'ghost.' By this, I mean the player has reached zero health and has no inventory. A simple way to do this is to type in "suicide" and then type in "fly." While in this 'ghost' state, you can go back to walking or ghost mode. If a cannon has been activated before, it will track and shoot at you in this 'ghost' state. This is the first time I remember getting the cannon to work.

Known Subclasses

  • HugeCannon (A cannon with a larger drawscale and more health.)