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I don't really play UT/UT2k3 much anymore but I still like making stuff for it. I've screwed around with UnrealEd for that past 3 years or so and was a level designer and the weapons modeler for the UT port of Weapons Factory.

Hi & welcome to the Wiki :-) – Tarquin

Aphex: Hi CK! Well Done on WFUT. U may not remember meh (did WF-Warrior ;))

Col: Wow! Hey Aphex! Long time no "see"! How could I forget our best level designer? :P Thanks Tarquin!

spoon: You've got the credits for porting over the UT sniper rifle to UT2K3. Several mutators and mods now use it. :)

DjRheingold: Hey Col! It was a ton of fun to work on WFUT with you, spoon, Ob1 and Moose.