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Legacy:Console Commands/Cheat Commands (UT2004)

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This page lists known cheats usable in UT2004. Hit the Tab or ~ key to open a console.

All commands are non-case-sensitive.


  • god : God mode. Your character cannot be killed by enemy fire, crushing by vehicles, drowning, "pain"-causing volumes, etc; some things, such as ion satellites, KillZ (e.g. the bottom of the pit in Gael), etc. can and will still kill you.
  • loaded : Gives you all standard weapons, including superweapons, and 999 ammo for all except the Redeemer.
  • allweapons : Gives you all standard weapons.
  • allammo : Gives you 999 ammo for all weapons you currently carry (again, excluding Redeemer).
  • fly : Your character flies. Note that in both "fly" and "ghost" modes, firing a guided Redeemer (and sometimes viewing from the Translocator camera) will return you to "walk" mode.
  • ghost : Your character flies and can pass through everything in the map. Note that you cannot pick anything up in this mode, though you can still fire.
  • amphibious : Sets the time your character can stay underwater before taking damage to about 20 minutes.
  • invisible : Makes your character completely invisible. Enter again to resume visibility.
  • walk : Deactivates fly/ghost.
  • teleport : Teleports you to approximately whatever your crosshair is currently pointing at.
  • setspeed n : Sets your character's walking/swimming speed to n. 1.0 is default; larger values faster, smaller values slower.
  • changesize n : Scales your character by n. 1.0 is default; lower values are smaller, higher values are bigger.
  • setjumpz n : Sets your character's jump height in Unreal Units (UU) to n. Default is approximately 900. 16 UU = 1 foot.
  • setgravity n : Sets gravity to n. Should be a negative number (default -950) unless you want everything to float up into the air. In positive gravity, bots will not move unless they somehow come into contact with the ground or another walkable surface.
  • slomo n : Sets gamespeed to n. 1.0 is default; lower values are slower, higher values are faster.
  • playersonly : Effectively stops time for everything except your character and hovering vehicles (e.g. Goliath, Manta) which will generally continue moving in whatever direction they were moving when the command was entered. You can only move in this mode; weapon fire does not work. You can, however, pick up / capture the flag in CTF and the ball in BR.
  • freezeall : Same as playersonly, but also stops hovering vehicles.
  • summon class : Summons an item class. More information in Legacy:Console Commands/Summon Codes (UT2004).
  • set class property value  : Sets property of all actors of class class to value. For example, to set health of all pawns (players, bots, vehicles, turrets, etc.) to 50, enter set pawn health 50.
  • show fog : disables the fog, put it in again to bring the fog back
  • show all : shows everything as in volumes,paths,spawns points,triggers,everything.

(dont know of a way to turn it off exept to exit game)

  • exit : leave the game
  • showdebug : shows alot of stuff along with where bots want to go
  • cheatview class : cycles through all of the actors of specified class and sets the players camera to that of the given actor.
  • viewclass class : see cheatview. (In UT99 there seemed to be a distinction between this and cheatview. See Console_Commands/Cheat_Console_Commands For more info.

Single-Player (Ladder) [untested]

  • skipmatch : Wins and skips the current match.
  • jumpmatch n : Jumps to a specific match. n is a combined number: to jump to ladder 5, rung 4, enter jumpmatch 54.
  • winmatch : Wins the current match.

Assault Mode [untested]

  • weakobjectives : Unknown. Presumably makes next objective somehow easier.
  • disablenextobjective : Unknown. Removes next objective from required list?

There is also an interesting extra command in the UnrealScript cheat-code handler, avatar class, which appears to allow you to possess another type of pawn (e.g. a Skaarj monster, a vehicle, a turret). This does not seem to work in-game, but more testing might reveal whether/how it can be used.

Duralex: Im sure most of you already know what the command Avatar does but jest in case u dont it lets you take control of, lets say a generic monster u just spawned by typing in avatar in the console. It actually does work in game and will respond accordingly to all ur input such as jump crouch, etc. On a side note if you take control of a monster you may have to edit its properties before it will allow certain actions such as the ability to crouch.

Weylin: When the avatar command is used on monsters it will only allow you to move around and not fire weapons. If you view your character from 3rd person, it will look the same as whatever your regular character is, but certain movement animations will be missing or changed. I was hoping to be able to fully control them and look like them, or can you?