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Legacy:Console Commands/Summon Codes (UT2004)

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This page lists codes (class names) usable with the summon class console cheat. In other words, type "summon " and then one of the class names listed below to summon it.

Weapon pickups[edit]

  • xweapons.assaultriflepickup : Assault Rifle
  • xweapons.shieldgunpickup : Shield Gun
  • xweapons.bioriflepickup : Bio-Rifle
  • onslaught.onsminelayerpickup : Mine Layer
  • xweapons.shockriflepickup : Shock Rifle
  • xweapons.supershockriflepickup : Instagib Shock Rifle
  • xweapons.zoomsupershockriflepickup : Zoom Instagib Shock Rifle
  • xweapons.linkgunpickup : Link Gun
  • xweapons.minigunpickup : Minigun
  • xweapons.flakcannonpickup : Flak Cannon
  • onslaught.onsgrenadepickup : Grenade Launcher
  • xweapons.rocketlauncherpickup : Rocket Launcher
  • onslaught.onsavrilpickup : AVRiL
  • xweapons.sniperriflepickup : Lightning Gun
  • UTClassic.classicsniperriflepickup : Sniper Rifle
  • xweapons.redeemerpickup : Redeemer
  • xweapons.painterpickup : Ion Painter
  • onslaughtfull.onspainterpickup : Target Painter
  • xweapons.transpickup : Translocator

Ammo pickups[edit]

  • xweapons.assaultammopickup - Assault Rifle ammo
  • xweapons.bioammopickup - Bio-Rifle ammo
  • onslaught.onsmineammopickup - Mine Layer ammo
  • xweapons.shockammopickup - Shock Rifle ammo
  • xweapons.linkammopickup - Link Gun ammo
  • xweapons.minigunammopickup - Minigun ammo
  • xweapons.flakammopickup - Flak Cannon ammo
  • onslaught.onsgrenadeammopickup - Grenade Launcher ammo
  • xweapons.rocketammopickup - Rocket Launcher ammo
  • onslaught.onsavrilammopickup - AVRiL ammo
  • xweapons.sniperammopickup - Lightning Gun ammo
  • UTClassic.classicsniperammopickup - Sniper Rifle ammo

Onslaught Vehicles[edit]

  • onslaught.onshoverbike - Manta
  • onslaught.onsrv - Scorpion
  • onslaught.onsattackcraft - Raptor
  • onslaught.onsprv - Hellbender
  • onslaught.onshovertank - Goliath
  • onslaughtfull.onshovertank_ionplasma - Ion Plasma Tank
  • onslaughtfull.onsmobileassaultstation - Leviathan
  • onslaughtfull.onsgenericsd - TC-1200 (Toilet Car)
  • onslaughtfull.onsbomber - Intermittently-functional (and very hard to control) Phoenix (Dragonfly?) bomber plane.

ECE Bonus Pack Vehicles[edit]

  • onslaughtbp.onsdualattackcraft - Cicada
  • onslaughtbp.onsshocktank - Paladin
  • onslaughtbp.onsartillery - SPMA

Note: all vehicles summoned will spawn on top of you, locked. If you are not in god or ghost mode, you will be crushed. The "locked" issue is a bit complicated; there are several ways to deal with it.

  • set vehicle bteamlocked false will unlock every currently-existing vehicle on the map.
  • set name bteamlocked false will unlock every vehicle of class name. For example, to unlock a Cicada you've just summoned (as well as every other Cicada on the map), enter set onsdualattackcraft bteamlocked false.


  • xweapons.nameprojectile - where name is usually the class name as listed above, summons the projectile that particular weapon shoots. To summon a Redeemer projectile, for example, enter summon xweapons.redeemerprojectile. Note that this counts as a suicide (-1) for whoever it kills, not a kill (+1) for you, and summoned projectiles cannot damage PowerCores or PowerNodes.

Effects[edit] - will spawn some effects in game. Note that these are purely visual; explosions will not do damage.

  • ioncannondeatheffect
  • landmineexplosion
  • newexplosiona
  • newexplosionb
  • newexplosionc
  • newioneffect
  • newlinktrail
  • newminigunmflash
  • newredeemertrail
  • newtransderesblue
  • newtransderesred
  • newtranseffect
  • newtranseffectblue
  • playerspawneffect
  • redeemerexplosion
  • redeemertrail
  • shockball
  • shockcombo
  • spiral
  • weaponfadeeffect
  • shockcombospheredark
  • shockcombovortex

They're mostly self explanatory. There are perhaps a few I missed. (I didn't have time to go through and test all the ONS ones) But if you look through the Unreal Ed actor listings, you can find a bunch more to try.

Monsters[edit] - Will summon a monster of your choosing in front of you. Be careful, they'll attack you or anyone around you.

  • monster - A generic Jakob character. Doesn't have a weapon, and follows you around wherever you go.
  • behemoth - Large, tough but slow monster armed with dual rapid-fire rocket launchers. (Giant)
  • brute - Large, tough but slow monster armed with dual rapid-fire rocket launchers, but other colors than the 'behemoth'. (Giant)
  • gasbag - A small flying monster that launches fireballs from above.
  • krall - Monster armed with a staff, which fires lasers. Will melee at close range. (a.k.a. Izangi)
  • elitekrall - A slightly better krall. (a.k.a. Izangi)
  • manta - Small flying bird-like creature that attempts to melee atack your head. (Ray)
  • razorfly - Attacks in the same way as a manta, but this fly-like creature is pretty slow. (Dragonfly)
  • skaarjpupae - Small bug that attempts to jump up and melee attack. (Spider)
  • skaarj - Fast-moving, agile and tough monster capable of both energy emissions and melee claw attacks.
  • fireskaarj - like skaarj but different weapon and appearance
  • iceskaarj - like skaarj, but different appearance and weapon
  • warlord - Extremely tough and agile monster with dual homing missile launchers. Can also fly.

(Note not all of these came up when I tested them just now, but I've spawned them all before)

(Note 2: Creature descriptions edited by Lofty. I play a lot of invasion and thought the descriptions could be improved.)

(Note 3: Snave Nareik puts names of what the monsters look like in for you)

(Note 4: Troy added brute, which was forgotten.)