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Legacy:Console Commands (killing floor)

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Eg:server KF-BioticsLab.rom?DIFFICULTY=7.0?Mutator=KFMutators.KFSirenMut? -server=DEDICATED

  • server KF-mapname.rom?:quick start game in solo mode.
  • -server=DEDICATED: start game as DEDICATED server.
  • LOG=MyLog.txt:Use Mylog.txt as you New log.
  • DIFFICULTY=7.0?:As Current difficulty level Run game, 1 = Beginner, 2 = Normal, 4 = Hard, 5 = Suicidal, 7 = Hell on Earth.
  • Mutator=KFMutators.KFSirenMut?:Specify a mutator to use.
  • ':


Command Description
behindview 0 Sets the players view to first-person.
behindview 1 Sets the players view to third-person.
freecamera 1/0 Locks player rotation (still allowing for 'WASD' movement) and allows camera rotation around player.
fov x Change your current field of view to x degrees
suicide Causes the player character to die.
say <message string> Broadcast a message to other players in the game.
throwweapon This command throws your current weapon to the ground.
shot This command saves a screenshot into the Unreal Engine game's System directory.
set input key (pipe key) action Binds an action to a particular primary key. eg:set input B pipe key tosscash 1 shift backslash = pipe key [a pic for the eg command http://oi49.tinypic.com/n5igwo.jpg]
%a/%h/%l/%s/%w This command was used in say or teamsay eg:set input x teamsay Current %h show your Current health


Command Description
demoplay demoname Plays the specified demo demoname
demorec demoname Records a demo as demoname
stopdemo Stops recording of a demo


Command Description
show actors Toggles display of all actors
show bsp Toggles display of BSP
show collision Toggles display of simple collision
show coronas Toggles display of Coronas
show fluid Toggles display of fluid
show fog Toggles display of DistanceFog
show sky Toggles display of sky
show staticmeshed Toggles display of StaticMeshes
show paths Toggles display of Bot paths
show volumes Toggles display of Bot volumes


Command Description
memstat Displays Windows memory usage
stat all Displays all statistics
stat anim Displays animation statistics
stat audio Displays audio statistics
stat fps Displays current and average frames per second
stat game Displays game statistics
stat hardware Displays hardware statistics
stat light Displays dynamic light statistics (this will bug off when wave is start)
stat net Displays network statistics
stat none Turns off all statistics
stat render Displays rendering statistics


Command Description
disconnect Disconnects from current server
exit or quit Quits the game
open address Connects to the server at address
preferences Opens the preferences window in Windows
reconnect Reconnects to current server
report Copies game info to the clipboard
showlog Opens the game log in Windows
setname(name) change player name
togglefullscreen switch between windowed and full screen view
setres WxH Same as in-game Resolution option

Rendering tweaks

Note: Only available in solo mode.

Command Description
rend blend Renders normally with mesh overlay
rend bone Renders bones
rmode 1 Wireframe only
rmode 2 Zone view
rmode 3 Use textures
rmode 4 Turns all BSP white. Normal lighting for statics.
rmode 5 Normal rendering
rmode 6 No shadows
rmode 7 Lighting mode
rmode 8 Visualizing overdraw mode


Note: The "enablecheats" command must be entered before any cheats can be activated, and only works in single-player.

Command Description
Allammo 999 ammo for every weapon
Arsenal Gives All KF Weapons
ArmorUp Everyone has full armor
AssaultMe Gives Rifle Weapons
bombs Gives all explosive weapons
backup Spawns a bot. The bot doesn't kill or defend itself.
ChangeSize x from 0 to 5 Scale the player's size to be x default size
Enablecheats Enables cheats. Disables perk leveling and Steam achievements.
Fly Flight mode
FlameUp Give Flamethrower
Freezeall Freeze everyting.
FreezeFrame X After the time tick X,it will auto pause game
Ghost Noclip mode
God God mode
Heal Heals the player
Horde Spawns a RandomZombie around you.
Imrich Gives 10,000 cash
KillViewedActor use it to kill the bot Viewed
Loaded Gives 999 ammo for every weapon
LockCamera Lock the Camera or not lock
Meleeme Gives all melee weapons
Meds Gives Medic Weapons
MopUp Show The number of zombies in this map was.
PatRage Forcing the Patriarch to do his radial attack.
Phil God
Pistols Gives all pistol weapons
Playersonly Freezes everything except players
ReviewJumpSpots spawn a bot and use the bot Viewed,and show the word.
Rifleme Gives rifle weapons
SMG Gives SMG Weapons
SetFlash flash screen
Setgravity x Lets you modify the gravity of the current game (-950 = normal gravity).
Setjump x Lets you modify the jump height of the current game.
Shotty Gives all shotguns
Slomo x Lets you modify the game speed of the current game (1 = normal speed).
Sniper Gives Sniper Weapons
Summon Summon string ClassName (Eg: Summon kfchar.zombieclot)
ShowDebug can see the path and a lot of word
Teleport Allows You to teleport to the surface (or wall) at your crosshair.
Walk Disables flying and/or noclip mode
WinMatch Win!


Command Description
adminlogin password Logs you in as admin using password
admin adminsay message Displays message in the middle of each player's screen
admin map KF-mapname.rom Changes current map to KF-mapname.rom
admin set engine.gameinfo gamedifficulty x Changes difficulty level of the next map to x (where 1 = Beginner, 2 = Normal, 4 = Hard, 5 = Suicidal, 7 = Hell on Earth)
pause Pauses the game
admin Kick remove a user from the game. A user can either be their ID (as shown by kick list)
admin KickBan Ban a user from the game. A user can either be their ID (as shown by kick list)
admin RestartMap Restart Current Map.
admin NextMap Go to NextMap.