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This page is temporary, I'm not sure of how useful it'll be. In here all creation-contests (mapping, skinning, whatever - NOT playing) should be listed. Any contest goes, three colums:

  1. Name of contest, name of arranger with a link to the information page.
  2. Expiration date
  3. Notes such as gametype, theme, possible prize, region-specifics, forced actors, catches etc... If no prize is specified there's no prize.

Once expiration date is over-due, the expiration date should be changed to "Closed" and keep that status for one week. After one week the competition will be removed.

If the category of the contest is not represented, simply add it.


LevelSource UT2k4 DM Contest 21:00 EST 01/10 -04 DM, 4-12 players, theme: "Subterranean Base" or "Underwater Station"
UT2004 CTF Map Contest by UT2004 Maps Closed Only standard CTF, special flags, must be registered to forums. Prizes include a Radeon 9800 Pro, FX-53 AMD 64 Bit Chip and a Chenbro case.
UnrealPlayground VCTF MApping Comp Closed Must be VCTF and probably will need to have a certain image somewhere in the map. Prize: $20 Ebay gift certificate


Legal: Thought this might be an interesting page. If it clogs up too much on the mapping part we could orginize it by gametype or something. The contest I entered is one I think might interest a few people, at least I will throw something together ;) Remember to add any competition, even small threeday quickmap ones. It's not just for contests with expensive rewards, anything goes. (Make that an !)

Tarquin: nice idea! :)