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Legacy:Custom Brushbuilder

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Note that UnrealEd 2 brushbuilder packages don't work with UnrealEd 3: they need to be recompiled.

Legacy CustomBB.jpeg

The interface with all the custom builders UnrealEd accepts plug-in scripts for custom brushbuilders.

(1-10 are the default brushbuilders.)

Tarquin Brushbuilders (11-17)[edit]

Created by Tarquin.
And also recompiled for UnrealEd 3 by SlickWilly.

Platonic Solids Brushbuilder (18)[edit]

Created by Dave Arendash, at the Unreal Realm of Concepts.

Five Platonic solids: Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron. Plus hundreds of other shapes as brushes.

DawnTreader: Question, has this been recompiled, does it work with UED3?

DaveA: Answer, have not tried it, but it should work ok. Want the source?

FrameBuilder Brushbuilder (19)[edit]

Created by JohnMcL.

Builds an open, four-sided frame with an optional sheet inside.

DawnTreader: Question, has this been recompiled, does it work with UED3? And is the page down or am i just having bad luck with the link?

Torin: Try http://unrealed.myexp.de/index.php?P=info&D=117 (dead link)

DawnTreader: Thanks Torin! But it does need to be recompiled doesn't it? Just tried it out and it don't work in UED3.

Landscape Brushbuilder (20)[edit]

Created by Rahnem.

Alternative to the Terrain Brush Builder that comes with UnrealEd 2.
Download https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0B-AaAvhNMtRNQnBPbnY3QTNjYmc&export=download

UnrealEdExtra Brushbuilders (21-23)[edit]

Created by Daid.

Download: http://wayback.archive.org/web/*/http://jiggaman.250free.com/unrealex.zip
  • Includes:
    • Random Tunnel
    • Random Terrain
    • Cylinder Sheet

DawnTreader: Question, has this been recompiled, does it work with UED3?


File placement[edit]

  • .U files go in {UT}/System
  • .BMP files go in {UT}/System/Editores
  • .txt (readme's) go in {UT}/Help


Each .U file needs a reference in Game Ini File, for example:


In UT, this is under the Editor.EditorEngine section, in UT2003, in the UnrealEd.UnrealEdEngine section.

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