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This page is dedicated to the various program I have/will be using in the DM-Siesmic Canyon tutorial series.


Texture Maker

This will turn a regular photo into a seemless texture with little effort, don't be fooled though, for truely stunning effects, you still got a lot of work to make a good UT3 Material, but this helps...

3DS Max Note: I don't have any other 3D softwares, I have never really learnt anything else, and I am not really a person to talk to about other software in this catagory.

The only 3D software I use, comes with a heavy price tag though imo, no trial versions of it unfortunately.

Adobe Photoshop

This is one of the best image editing programs I know of, though it is also commercial, and while I don't own the latest version, I think it is still great for what I do, you can use Gimp (which is unsupported by these tutorials), but one of the filters I use with photoshop is the Normal Map filter from NVidia, the plugin itself won't work with Gimp, but you can still get a command line util that will do the trick as well, I might add a section on it at a later date.

Nvidia Texture Tools Plugin for Photoshop

This is a nifty little tool that makes it easy to convert grey scale, or even color images into an effective normal map, imo normal maps are a requirement of UT3, and if not used your level will suffer greatly from it, if you don't own photoshop, you will need some other way to make these Normal Maps.


This is a great little tool, I prefer it to Madtracker, which is also another great audio sequence tool, but find that for production quality Renoise is superior in render quality (most of the time this is...)

Helpfull Sites[edit]

The Mod Archive

If your not good with composing music, looking for inspiration in this field, or for any other reason after a tune, this is the place I start, while I have written some musics that were exceptionally good for Multi-Player Online RPGs, I have to restock and totally change my style for UT3, since I am yet to write a piece of music that fits the game, this is my source for my music!