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This is the project page for the upcoming MineMode mutator by dUc0N.

People I need for this project:

At the moment, I'm only doing a simple, watered-down version for simplicity. Thus, I only need someone to make a neat-looking mine launcher skin to use (credit will of course be given, all views of the launcher are needed (first, second, and pickup views?)). I'll also need models for the mines themselves (see below). Just post here or email me at if you're interested :)

The plan:

First version (the oversimplified one)

For the first version of the mutator, these will be the features:

  • Weapon replaces the shield gun (for simplicity, see below)
  • Primary fire is a proximity mine, will be decently visible, trigger range around 250 UUs, similar splash damage to a flak shell, sticks to walls/ceilings.
  • Secondary fire would be a laser trip mine, visible beam, also sticks to walls/ceilings, 1000-1500 UU trigger range in a straight line from the top of the mine (i.e. if the beam is broken), detonates into a flak-style blast in the same direction as the beam.
  • Maximum 5 of each type of mine down for each player (to avoid mine spamming ;))
  • Mines ignore attempts to destroy them (for simplicity)
  • Will not replace pickups (player will spawn with the weapon and decent ammo, for simplicity)

The final version (aka my evil plan to rule the world)

This is what I hope to do eventually:

  • FULLY Configurable (These will all be features, but will be disableable :)
    • Change which weapon it replaces, or if it becomes a superweapon (place it after the Redeemer, for example)
    • Set max mines per player
    • Scale damage levels from 25-400% for each fire mode
    • Scale reaction ranges from 0-1000% for each fire mode
    • Choose which fire modes are available as primary and alternate fire (choosing from proximity mine, laser trip mine, remote mine, timed mine, small sentry cannon, perhaps others), can configure alt fire to nothing to restrict players to one mine type
    • Option to disable all other weaponry (not individually, just as a single option)
    • Placed mines are destroyable when dealt a configurable amount of damage
    • Mines expire after a configurable time limit and either explode or disappear at that time
  • Where the original mine won't be animated, the finished proximity mine will be
  • Laser trip mine beams will match team color
  • Will add projectile-in-flight effects if not already present
  • Anything else that comes to mind

The idea is not so much to make the mutator too exhaustive to actually make, but to start with a simple version, then enhance it until it's a GREAT version.

Project Roster:

dUc0N - Project lead

MythOpus - Development version modelling

To be added to the project, just email or post a comment and tell me what you'd like to do to help. Areas I need people will start coming up once I'm past version 0.1 (the super-simple one).

Project Journal:

dUc0N - 10/27: Well, time to start researching the wonderful world of UnrealScript :)... If anyone comes up with a niftier name don't hesitate to tell me PLEASE.

dUc0N - 10/31: Now, after a few days of intermittently working on weapon mods, I've managed to change the assault rifle into a strange creation that fires biosludge on primary, and fires primary-style link blasts on secondary (yet fires them rapidly enough that it looks like they could be touching in midair). Keep tinkering :)

dUc0N - 11/6: Sadly, I've come to the realization that I won't be able to finish this mod myself. I really wanted to finish this project, but there are a couple reasons that this isn't possible. 1) I used to use two installations of UT2003, one under winXP to code for, and tamper with, the other being under Linux as the playable, not-messed-with version. Can't do that anymore. 2) I am in fact leaving in early January to go into the Air Force, and work in IT Security. This will REALLY put a hole in my free time. I just can't see where I'll be able to learn while coding, and work for Uncle Sam at the same time. So, regrettable as it is, I'm forced to give this one up. If anyone wants to pick up this project (I do still think it's a really, really neat idea, so long as it's properly executed), you're more than welcome, and I may even be able to assume a small development role, but I can't run the show anymore. ~d


MythOpus: Myth Man can help with the Mine model :) The weapon model however (the animation at least) isn't my cup of tea :cheesy:

dUc0N: Well, this is the oversimplified development phase, so the weapon certainly doesn't have to be animated. In fact, just a very simple model would be alright, I just can't do it myself because I stink at it :P

MythOpus: Mr. Myth has got the mine model ready... any idea on what you want your weapon to look like?

dUc0N: Not really... just something futuristic that looks like it was designed to launch mines. Um... when you say Mr. Myth, you are talking about yourself, right? Weirding me out :p

MythOpus: LoL, k, I got just the idea :) Yes, I call myself Mr. Myth, Myth Man and countless other names, but they do all refer to me :)

MythOpus: Well, Hey, I guess I can take the code of your hands if you can't finish it :cheesy:

dUc0N: Well, all I was really able to accomplish is to be able to modify the built-in weapon properties. I don't really have any "code" per say, but if you want I can clarify some of the properties for weapons. (I may have been able to entirely replace one of the default weapons with a different one, but still don't know how to accomplish it with a mutator.)

MythOpus: Thanks, but I already got all that stuff. I've madea lot of weapons and mutators and such :)