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started unreal editing about two years ago and have yet to comeplete a single level and releace it many of them falling pray to unfixable bsp holes arghhh. I've just compleated my first year of computer progamming if someone can tell me a good use for pascal in unreal script im willing to lisien

Level for UT[edit]


A very large map based on the moon(I think I worked out the surface area to be something like 1.6km sq thats around 1 mile sq!! took over a minute to run from one side of the map to the other) players landed at a space port and to gain access to the base (and blow up something or steal never got that far) which had a big wall that that could not be passed by foot so they had to fight thier way in to the space port's control tower and open the cargo hanger doors activate a transport train to smash through the bases bulkhead doors do what they were ment to do in the base then escape via stole figher craft

ran in to major BSP holes when filling in the base detail also the impassable wall i asked DavidM if I could use the telsa coil scrip from ONP(to really make shore it was impassable :) )he said yes, tryed to extract it from the old skoll package as it is kinda large to be sending around with only one map but failed though I was not really trying as my unrealscript knowlage is kinda limited it was deeply imbeded in it origonal package and i could not find the link as it was loading up my package as well as all the old skoll and its acoated textures packages.

Suppose i should try again as it seems a shame to let it go to waste


A CTF level obviously enough, based around a modrenised Heal Pod with smasher and all. Lots of diffrent levels so i'd say plenty of z-axis fighting i think CTF-Drery (spelling?) was the bases of it yet i was using CTF-Coret textures for it was put on pause because i ran out of ideas it was also another large level was expementing with team canons that the defenders could use by stand in front of a console but while there they were in a cramped place very suceptable to rockets and geting sniped at as there was nowhere to dodge to.


Based on the same planet as lava gaint based inside the magma chamber of two seprate volcanos seperated by a big rift valley passable only a single bridge with a upper and lower level upper level was very open and esay to get killed yet offered neary direct access to the ememy flag the lower bridge level offered the long road via a winding network of natural tunnels (coincidentally being perfecly semerictal for both bases :) ). I really loved the flag room that i made for the bases a series of wind platforms that was easy to navagate yet one false step and u would end up in a lava pit a hundead feet bellow kinda like eternal caves's blue base. Ran in to sevier ICH trouble in one of the lower caverans that blocked the whole system up also some bsp holes that would not go away after any amount of reordering of brushes and changing of brushes also another massive level

(Seams to be some kind of paterren of massive levels)

a few others have to look them up and many many krud levels such as DM-FragFest cough... cough... lets just say afew random lagre rooms joined together by random cordors and in the rooms as many unreal scripted pawns that would fit and me with all the guns (and ammo) where u start need i say more, I was board at the time and felt like killing something that day ok a few things... alot of things :)


Foxpaw: Pascal's use in modifying UT is limited.. if you are an Epic licensee, you could likely compile the pascal code into a DLL and import it that way, but since Epic claims to only license their engine to established software developers and would likely frown upon membership to a community such as this, (due to the Non-Disclosure Agreement) that may not be an option that is availible to you. The good news is, Unrealscript, the primary method of coding things for UT, uses a syntax very similar to C++, which is basically the same as Pascal but with different names and symbols. :P It also allegedly has some Java elements, but I feel an unexplained antipathy for java, so I don't use it. Since I love the OOP nature of Unrealscript, I'm probrably missing out, but meh.