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I spent most of my coding time today trying to code what I thought would be a simple feature. For my mod player pawns spin alot in the air, but I want them to always land on their feet. I've outlined the problem and posted the relevant code here:

Write now every mod feature is feeling like a gigantic snag that takes a ton of work to overcome. It took me forever to get bouncing working properly, then to get rotating to work properly, now to get pawn's landing on their feet. The good news is I'm starting to get my feet wet with a wider range of functions and getting much more comfortable with Unrealscript.

After I finish coding my mod I think I'm going to write a tutorial on how I coded it from beginning to end – I have yet to see a full fledged tutorial for creating whole new gametypes that really covers all the possible aspects involved, such as custom pawns, bots, physics, replication, optimization, etc. There's a ton I've had to learn just to get this far, and most of it was acquired by getting lucky reading random forum posts or hanging out in #unrealscript on EnterTheGame. Only a few of the UnrealScript Lessons are complete.

But enough coding for now, it's 4:30AM :P