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These are mostly links to forum discussions. But hey, some neat things are goin' on out there...

Unreal Ed / Tools

Findable property for KActors in Ued


Terragen and Skybox tuts

additional Operators and Utilities

Weapons and Inventory

Thoughts on stationary turrets

Priming Grenades

Reloading Weapons

More Reloading

Multi-Ammo Weapons

Getting explosives to stick to walls

Thoughts on a weapon selector switch

Useable Items


Vehicle stuff (2003 vs 2004)

SVehicle examples (UDN)

Unlocking Vehicles in other game-types

Movers and Volumes

Mover Topics

Multi-floor elevator

Multi-floor elev with buttons for each floor

Mover Tutorial (UDN)

More multi-floor elevator

Movers – Discussion about diff move-times for diff keyframes

Moving Volumes

Lava that fills a pool and causes damage

Killing volume without gibbing

Volumes that trigger - IonTrigger

Ted's watervolume and spacevolume chat with EDrW

More Talk about Issues of Volumes in Volumes

Lighting and Texturing:


Some thoughts on Dynamic Lights and Projectors

Skinning tut

Thought on screenshots in Unreal

Brief idea for a triggerable light

Tutorial on Coronas

Thoughts on Shadows

More thought on Shadows

Sourced Player Shadows

Making a Camera to project textures

Flashlight code 2003

Making an Ambient Player-Light

Camera and Player-View:

Making a Camera to project textures

Spectator Camera

ViewShaker settings and other Trigger things

More ViewShaker

General Coding

Finding Hit Location

Thoughts on Forward PlayerStarts

Thoughts on locking things

Input Key Map

UT2Kx and the MS IME

HUDs, GUI, and Messaging

Mutator Config GUI

Thoughts on civilians and ambient creatures

Mutator to replace HUD

Thoughts on messaging

A Radar system

Messages in UT2003


Thoughts on Free-Fall Physics

Some thoughts on a Stats system

Adjusting Bones etc

A Radar system

Karma animations for damage

Onslaught tut

Music and Sound

Music Triggers vs Action_PlaySound


Naming your map

Links to Intro to Unreal tuts

Mr.Slackpants' expedited grading for Ued 101

xProcMesh and making SMeshes ripple

Discussion of MS FlightSim 2004's Cloud rendering technique

Settings for a nice flame emitter in UT2004

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Tarquin: Could you consider moving some of these links to suitable topic or class pages, so other people can easily find them? We're all about sharing here on the UW :D Something like the

Findable property for KActors in Ued forum post could just be summarized and addedd to the relevant page as information rather than a link.

Dr.AwkwArD: Sounds reasonable enough. It'll just be a matter of getting a little time to do it. There's a lot of info here. Baby steps... ;)

Tarquin: of course :) You could add a Category:Legacy To Do tag here and ask other wikizens to help :)

Dr.AwkwArD: Ooooo, delegation. I like it! :D

SuperApe: Nice page, DocAwk. :D (xProcMesh tutorial link currently broken.)

MythOpus: I think it's just the actual forum page that's down. Wait awhile for it.