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Name: Ethan
Alt Handle: Ether
Location: Canada
Links: Online portfolio
Current Projects
  • UnrealScript
    • Project GEIST: 3rd Person Action; Wallrunning, Swords and backflips (ala Gunz: The Duel)
    • Drytown: Sidescrolling western; Involves Cowboys that are insects. (Sunset Riders on Crack)
  • C#
    • EtherEdit: Notepad replacement
    • (Unnamed): Time management/offline blog software

I'm a C++ programmer that just recently fell in love with the C# language. I'm trying to balance my time between C# and UnrealScript, but Unreal just keeps winning ;)

I first started coding UnrealScript a little while ago and I haven't stopped; I can't quite remember the exact timeframe but its possibly around late 2004/early 2005.

I just picked up my own copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 last week.


On the other hand, I've made possibly hundreds of maps for:

  • Quake 1 & 3
    • Deathmatch
    • Single player
    • TeamFortress
    • RocketArena
  • Half-Life 1 & 2
    • Single Player
    • Counter-Strike
    • Day of Defeat
    • Deathmatch Classic (but one can argue thats just Q1 maps :P)
  • UnrealTournament 2004
    • Mostly small 1-ON-1 Deathmatch
    • Sometimes small 2-6 player Deathmatch
    • Project GEIST (A game team I'm coding for)
    • And DryTown (Another game team I'm coding for)

Even though I'm a closet artist and I've been making maps for nearly a decade, I never make my own textures or models because while I can design and 'texture' a fun and decent looking level, I can't actually make textures or model to save my life :S


I'm planning to write a tutorial on this wiki about creating a sidescrolling type game in UnrealScript, once I organize my code from Drytown.


MythOpus: Welcome To The Wiki :D