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UT :: Actor >> KeyPoint (UT) >> DynamicAmbientSound (Package: UnrealShare)


Dynamic ambient sounds are used to create one-shot randomized sound effects such as bird calls/thunder/machine sounds. You can assign up to 16 different sounds and specify the maxiumum and minimum time between sounds being played. The engine randomly chooses a time between these values and plays one of the sounds at random. You can also tell it not to play the same sounds twice in a row. Unfortunately you cannot alter the radius or volume of the sound.



Never play two of the same sound in a row.
Initial state. If True a random chosen sound is played instantly. If False, a random chosen sound is played after minReCheckTime plus a little random offset.
Try to restart the sound after (max amount).
Try to restart the sound after (min amount).
The chance of the sound effect playing (a number between 0 and 1).
What to play. Must be at least one sound. The first empty entry terminates the list - in other words, any sound given after None will never be played.
Due to a bug if 16 sounds are defined, only the first 6 are taken into account (see discussion).



No Event is generated.