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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Keypoint (UT) >> Earthquake (Package: UnrealShare)

The EarthQuake keypoint can be triggered to shake the player’s view for a specified duration, as well as possibly tossing players around. It has no effect on other actors. To simultaneously toss around other actors, use the ThrowStuff keypoint. Trigger other effects directly or using Dispatchers or more complex trigger systems.



float magnitude 
Specifies the amount to roll the player’s view, and the amount to throw him if bThrowPlayer is true. A magnitude of 2000 is a pretty strong quake.
float duration 
Time in seconds quake lasts.
float radius 
Radius for which players are affected. A player who goes beyond the radius will continue to have his view shaken for the duration of the quake, but he will no longer get thrown around.
bool bThrowPlayer 
If true, players are thrown around during the quake.


float remainingTime 
Remaining time of the effect. This is decreased in 0.5 second steps from the Timer function.

Suggested Uses:

Use a looping dispatcher to trigger this event over and over. This makes the area with in the radius shake over and over. Good uses for this are power plants that are falling apart.

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