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Long time no entry. I'm going to switch the layout of my dev journal to a per day basis without sorting on project, may be much more readable and it'll allow me to rant on about other things during my developing.

So, the MSU Phase 1 is closing soon. I'm really intresting to see what people have turned in, at least I hope they are going to publish a list of all accepted entries. I wonder if UnCodeX has a chance in the Tool's section, I don't think my other mods have much chance in winning something.

But it's not like I did those projects for the money, I think people creating mods/etc. for the money will only produce crappy mods/etc. because they haven't poured their heart into the project. You can't see very well with dollar (or euro, or whatever) signs in your eyes.

Grrr... I really hoped by this time I was able to log into the VPN again, that's why I started this log entries because the f#cking VPN keeps refusing connections. I really hate it because now I can't continue with my work.


Damn it's hot. Both the outside temperature and my coding speed have resulted in the melting of my workstation's keyboard. It looks like a Dali painting ;)

Anyway, it is damn hot. But that doesn't matter much, the problem is that it's still hot at night. And since it will remain hot for a long time I've shiften my day schedule. Usualy I'm awake from 9:00 till 2:00/3:00. But since it's much cooler in the morning I've decided to get up at 7:30.

I really wish I had a laptop so I could sit outside and keep working, but sure you can't have everything.

So MSU phase 1 has finally been closed, I wonder how long it'll take before we'll get to see a listing of all accepted mods.


GUI designing is damn awefull, specially when you want too much stuff into a single screen. What's the best way to do it, how can you split it up into seperate windows, etc...

And ofcourse, you always have to keep in mind to create dynamic layouts, you don't want to hard code every GUI object when it's not needed. The real pain in dynamic layouts is that you can't simply switch to GUI editor mode to change the layout, copy and paste the new dimensions. You have to tweak your formula until it's correct. And evertytime you have to recompile and test it again.

With designing GUIs you will always run into the problem what the best layout it. Because it has to fit on the screen, but also remain functional and look good. The looking good part is something for the art department. As for designing the layout, you could just create the components and tweak them inside the engine but this is slow. A good alternative is to use a presentation program (like MS PowerPoint) to design the layout. Simply create all the components inside PowerPoint (just use rectangles of diffirent colors for the various components that don't have an existing power point representation) and drag them around until you find a good layout. Save it, print it, ... Now you have a good template on how to position the items. All you have to do now is create the components in UnrealScript, launch the game and tweak the positions using the in-game GUI editor.


Finishing up the first release of LibHTTP. LibHTTP is a well written general purpose library for accessing data on webservers. Since this is something a lot of people want in their mod I decided it was a good idea to write one well written open-source free to use library that will do it for you.

This way mod developers can use their time on their mod instead of writing yet another class for downloading webpages.

I hope other mod developers take up this idea to create open source libraries for common operations. This way there will be more well developed building blocks to use. Which will have a result in more high quality mods available.


It must be summer. And you know why, my damn mouse is sticky, nothing on TV, no great games released.

So I decided to play Unreal again. It's still a great game to play, the large outdoor maps and the mysterious areas makes it a great game. It's pretty damn difficult in the highest difficult setting, specially when you are in tight rooms with a lot of Skaarj (Damn ISV Kran decks).

Still haven't played Unreal 2 a lot, don't know why. Maybe because it's a bit too heavy for my machine.


A bit silent on my public side. Just too busy with things I can't talk about yet.

On the other side. Tron 2.0 is a pretty cool game. They really respected the Tron world as defined in the first movie, basic coloring with nice glow effects. Ofcourse it looks a bit more advanced because the current computer are way more advanced. If you liked the Tron movie you might want to check this one out.


Well I started on a complete rewrite of my UTelAdSE system. The new design uses a central daemon that can have multiple interfaces to connect to, so it's even more modular that the previous design. Also the authentication has been split off into a seperate object. This way it's possible to change the authentication to use a diffirent system.

The telnet interface is almost done, the most important part the terminal handling is done and it's much better than the previous one. You have the same commandline powers as you have with bash, the previous implementation was very limited (like the DOS prompt).

Also started on the IRCd implementation. I'm complety changing this implementation, I'm going to design it so that you could link various servers into a network. This network would consist out of at least one real IRCd when that the UT servers will link to. This real IRCd has access to all channels servered by the various UT servers linked to it. The IRCd that runs within the engine only has access to the local channels, this is to reduce the load. The unreal IRC server will netsplit on every map (ofcourse).

As for the applications/commands, not much has changed from the previous system. I still use a dynamic array for calling the commands with arguments. However I did change it a bit, commands have to be registered in the daemon, this way I can look up what application object has the requested command. This reduces the function calls needed to call the right command.


Man what does the IRC protocol suck. Just the basic implementation of various commands sucks.

Anyway, ordered me a nice Toshiba SatelitePro m10 laptop today so I can keep on coding where ever I am.


Dante: Yeah IRC protocol just sucks. I tried to write like 3 IRC clients before, I always stopped at a point when I just got annoyed ;)

El Muerte TDS: the server part is much worse than the clients part

Dante: Depends how customizable you want the client to be. I don't think the server part is much more difficult.

El Muerte TDS: IRC clients are dumb, the server has to figure out everything, and that adds a lot of administation. And it's not that it's more difficult, it's just that it's more of a pain to implement.

Dante: Yeah clients are kind of dumb, the server still isn't much more clever. Basically it does nothing more than dispatching. It doesn't care for ctcp stuff and such things. Administration is handled thru bots (which are clients) like chanserv. The main pain in writing a server might be security.

El Muerte TDS: well the server has to keep track of what channels there are, who is in that channel. But you've also got to keep track of the server relays if you have more than one server. This server relaying is hacked into the protocol, wel at least it looks like that.


Almost completely redone the Marky Mutator, the initial release didn't even work online, that's what you get when you ship when it compiles late at night ;). Anyway, the current version is pretty much done, it supports additional pop-up faces, by default it has Mark Rein, CliffyBunny and the Dopefish. I'm waiting for a response from Mark Rein before I will ship this version. I asked Mark Rein if he could record him saying "Two Weeks" so I could use that when his head pops up ;)

Also yesterday my laptop arrived (damn quick), it's a really nice toy :D


Yahoo the evil european software patent directive has been accepted. Start saving money for your first patent infringement.

Foxpaw: What's that about? I've never heard of this software patent directive?

El Muerte TDS: Read this /. article. Be sure to check out the linked articles for more details.

Foxpaw: I still don't get it.. how does this "software patent" differ from the IP protection that you already have? Or does it allow people to patent a software notion like anti-aliasing?

El Muerte TDS: with patents you can prevent people from inventing the same you did, if you own a patent somebody else may not build the same unless it licenses your patent (this protects your invention, but also kills free enterprise). For example, there was a patent on the LZW compression algorithm, LZW is required for GIF files, so you had to license the LZW algorithm before you could write a program that creates GIF files (USA only). This patent is correctly assigned, it does protect the invention and research. But the new software patent possible in Europe (you could always patent these but they were not backed up by law) allows you to patent non-sence (already possible in the USA).

A few examples of non-sence patents: Amazon's "One Click Buy System", or the recently assigned patent for Microsoft that describes the usage of cookies to keep track of a user id and using that info to look up the user preferences for a web services (a lot of meta sites, online stores and forums use this "technology"). an larger list of interesting patents.

You can't request a patent on inventions already used a lot ("prior art"). Patents are just evil, they used to protect inventors from large companies, but it's now used buy large companies to prevent some compitition and earn money.

And now for the answer to your question, IP is for the your creation AS-IS, not the technique. Here's an bad example (below is ofcourse not possible):

// to increase the value of a number by one:
i = i + 1;   // your creation, people may not use this AS IS
i = 1 + i;   // not the same as yours, but a patent prevents you from using it
i++;         // if you had a patent this was not allowed either


Screw modelers, all I wanted was a pretty simple static mesh of a beer bottle crate. No free public assets for that and nobody remotely interested in helping me out. So I decided to mess around with Maya myself. Worked out pretty well, I managed to create a 7x5x4 cube (it's harder than it sounds ;) ), and mapped by texture on it. And it looks quite well. Except that all faces of the cube are in-side-out ;)

Ahh well, easy fix (I now know how to do that). Capture The Beer is almost complete, only need to replace a few more pieces of text, so something with the announcer. And double check if it works online.


As you may have noticed I pick-ed up development of UnCodeX again. I've already made some cosmetic changes. Currently I'm working on an major improvement of the HTML output. I'm focusing even more on the JavaDoc style. Most things don't change much except for the class details, they will now be split up into a summary and a detail view. I tried to put in to much data in the previous output. Also I've fixed the templating engine to create seperate directories for packages. Having a lot of files in a single directory is a bad idea in general, and with UT2003 2225 it generated over 5000 files. Now each package will get 2 directires: ./packagename and ./Source_packagename.

For a preview of the new html output, check here:


I've come to an interesting point in the html output changes. I have to change some majors things, I could just add the new code and leave the old intact, or I could strip away the old template code. The old and new code will be not be compatible when used both in a template file. Since the new template code is much better I think I will just remove the old one. This ofcourse will break the old "UnrealWiki" html output templates.


Wtf, this isn't fair:

Foxpaw: Can you elaborate on what the problem is exactly? That link just took me to a source listing.

El Muerte TDS: this:

function native final SetTimer(float Interval, optional bool bRepeat);
function native final KillTimer();

it should be

native final function SetTimer(float Interval, optional bool bRepeat);
native final function KillTimer();

Wormbo: Oh nice. Let's add function, event and delegate to the function modifiers and tell the people that at least one of these three modifiers must be used, all other modifiers are optional and there is no fixed keyword to declare a function... o_O

El Muerte TDS: the following may appear in any order and it will be a function type:

function, operator, postoperator, preoperator, event, delegate, native, final, private, protected, public, latent, iterator, signular, static, exec, simulated


Hooked up the commandline version of UnCodeX (ucxcu), all the basic code for generation of the HTML files, generation of the MS HTML Help file, analysing of the packages, etc. takes up 147kb. All I need to do is combine these modules so that the commandline version does what is should do. I don't think this would take up much diskspace.

I think I'm also going to port the commandline version to linux, shouldn't require much work since most of it is pretty much system independed. Well except for the MS HTML Help generation ofcourse, that requires the MS HTML Help compiler.


Just finished the linux install on my workstation, including Kylix 2 (wtf is my Kylix 3 cd). It sucks to install all KDE packages manualy (the debian KDE meta package was broken in testing).

Anyway, ucxcu pretty much compiled out of the box. A few things don't work yet (because there's no Linux counter part yet). These include: file copy (yes, there's no API function for that), and the comment pre-processor (this is because the IO pipe interface doesn't work for linux yet).

These are not major issues, so a linux version of the commandline utility will be released in the future. The binary is about 14kb larger than the windows version (248kb).

Still need to remove the redudant unreal script parser, currently I have two parsers that pretty much do the same. The first is used for analysing the source code, the second is used by the syntax highlighters. The source analysing should also be able to use the second parser. This would reduce the binary a bit.


Forgot to say, I've got a fully working version of ucxcu for linux. And it's much faster than the windows version, must be because of the filesystem. I only have to add support for the comment preprocessor before the linux ucxcu is complete.


Moved all uncodex cvs modules to a single repository, should have done that right away. The old module locations still exists (symlink to the new location).

Also updated the installer configuration so GUI and CLI versions can be installed seperately.

Done some minor work on UnGateway and checked to see if the telnet interface works for most telnet clients. It has been confirmed to work with: PuTTY 0.52, PuTTY MEGABIT-2003-07-25 IPv6, SecureCRT 4.1.0, Linux NetKit 0.17 Telnet, MS Telnet 1.0


How damn usefull can people be. Apperently ChatFilter increases CPU usage a lot on servers (and I really mean a lot), this was something just posted on the UT2003 Server mailing list. Very usefull to hear that so I could look into it. But apperently there was this other guy that figured that out months ago... but he never told me...

Wormbo: Heh, it's always the same. People find a bug or inconvenience, but don't report it. Nevertheless they expect it to be fixed in a later version. :rolleyes:

El Muerte TDS: now it appears it may not even be my mod at all, the guy installed deathball, irc reporter and chatfilter at the same time, and one of those caused the lag (or not). really usefull...


Rewriting part of the GUI of UnCodeX, I'm planning to use dockable panels so you can define how and where you want the diffirent parts.

I have the docking part down, but I have to figure out how to save and load the parts. The default functions don't work very well.

I'm also adding a property inspector the the main window that will follow the currently selected class.

But this all is burning on a low fire, there are some more important projects going on that have a closer deadline.


Woohaa, almost no update in a month. Well I've been on vacation and have been/still am busy working on a Lego Mindstorm controller robot for a university project. Also an other project is almost done. I wonder what people will think of my part in that project.

Been messing a little bit with UnCodeX, I changed the property inspector to sort the variables on the tags (like the wikifier plugin does). Had to change the drawing of the special entries a bit. I'm not really satisfied with how it looks. Maybe I just have to get used to the idea. It's just a pain to squash that much info in as little space as possible and still keep the overview clear. Also once in a little while something goes wrong with loading the dock status with as result that the status bar is above the lower dock side, this should be a minor fix (I hope).

I'm looking forward to the release of UT2004, finally a game that has potential to be fun again. It has been a while since I played a game I liked, the last one was Tron 2.0 (iirc). Same goes for movies, wtf wrong these days, there are hardly any enjoyable movies. I wish they would make more adventurous movies when the LOTR movies where released, but I was wrong. The same shit over and over again. It's so terrible that I even look forward to the 4th Indiana Jones movie, and that can only suck compared to the first three. I hope around the work in 80 days gets released soon, the cast is very interesting. Well enough about that.

Now for the motto of the day: compromise


Little name change going on, I've decided to drop the [TDS] clan tag everywhere I can. I'm still a TDS member tho, but the tag just sucks. I want people to know me as El Muerte.

In the other news, I've finally figured out how to prevent the dockable components to become floating (in UnCodeX).


Grr, ok. So I have a package I want to be server side only. But I also want a optional client package that contains some GUI stuff. This GUI stuff need to retrieve info from the server side mutator.

The solution is ofcourse easy to use 3 packages, but I don't want 3 packages.

Mutator spawns ClientInfo actor
Assigns self to ClientInfo variable
ClientInfo opens MenuPage
MenuPage calls replicated function on ClientInfo to retive data
ClientInfo send info to MenuPage

So both Mutator and MenuPage need to access ClientInfo.


Well handed in the report I have been working on for the last 10 weeks (120 pages of bullshit about a LEGO Mindstorm Robot capable of scanning a room). Only took us 48 hours with 5 hours of sleep for the finishing touch.

I also resolved the above issue, the client side RSS Feed Browser now works. Have to finish the Open Unreal Mod License before I can release the ServerExt package and the LibHTTP version 2.


Well, LibHTTP version 2 released, same for the ServerExt package.

Spend about 45 minutes today to find a bug in UnCodeX, for some reason the @ignore tags where ignored. But this wasn't the case, I just made a typo "@ingore" in the unrealscript source.

And I think I should point out the new great, cool, awesome, etc. TC I'm working on mod ideas/UnrealKartTournament. Every body should join our effort becuse it's a cool mod.


Argh, made a brown paper bag mistake today when I was working on UnGateway. I overwrote a global variable with a function argument. Pretty stupid.

UnrealKart is progressing... Still needs a shit load of work. But I have a couple of things going. We still can use some additional members\contributers for our mod.

There are still quite some thing I have to figure out, like how to define the track in the map, and how to detect racers not taking illegal shortcuts to finish. The easiest way would be to implement a couple of invisible checkpoint in the track that are impossible to go around.

I also need to figure out how to detect a racer going off-track. The speed of the vehicle should be reduced when the racer is off-track.

Besides that I also need to think about:

  • recovery
  • speed boosts
  • power ups system


Damn vehicles. The ONSWheeledVehicle has too many damn variables, and it's not very clear what effect they have. I don't really feel like spending more time figuring out how to tweak the SRV to be nice for a Kart. I don't know much about cars and stuff. Apperently the SVehicle car represents much of normal car/engine things like torque, engine inertia, etc. I really have no clue wtf that all is.

I rather work on the more interesting stuff of unreal kart. But ofcourse it's important for the mappers to know how the "basic" kart drives.


After quite some work and at least 40kb of code changes I finally pushed out the first beta release of UnGateway.

Can't wait until I receive a shit load of emails with questionson how to use it, oh wait I can wait.

Hell, it was difficult to write, so it should be difficult to use.


Weee finally have my new workstation. It's a nice AMD Athlon 64 3200+, 1GB ram, 200GB SATA Western Digital disk, Asus K8V SE Deluxe mobo, Asus V9570 TD 256MB VGA card (GeForce FX 5700), SB Audigy SL (don't have a 7.1 speaker set up, only a 2.0 so screw Audigy 2).

Oh, and a lot of mess in my room.


Ok, so I had a single broken DIMM. Geez what a weird behaviour did that cause. After a little while the system crashed and wouldn't boot for at least 30 minutes. Got a new DIMM today and now everything seems fine.


Bit short on time at the moment, so I don't have time to work on UnrealKart. Also MSUC Phase 3 is open soon, so I've put UnrealKart on a stall to allow people to finish things for phase 3. It's not like UnrealKart would have a worthwhile release before Phase 3 closes.

Also phase 2 results are in, can't say I'm happy about the results. Maybe a bit jealous. Altough the two mods I did submit for phase 2 where both "honerable mentions", that's quite nice for two mods I made during the registration phase of phase 2. Would have been nice if either of them won anything, but on the other hand, those mods didn't deserve to win anything.

UnCodeX version 2 has been finished, waiting a little while before announcing it to the world, just in case I screwed up big time in this release. I'm going to enter UnCodeX in Phase 3, and it really should win something, it deserves to win something. UnGateway and ServerExt are also on the list to be sumbitted to Phase 3.

Talking about MSUC, today in #unrealscript Mia'cova had a nice idea. Since most of use don't agree on the results of both phases we could do out onw little contest. The idea is simple, create a very small mod and enter it in the MSUC, the mod that finishes highest wins. With a small mod it would be something like a max of X statements, or a max of X bytes. Personally I like the idea to create a mod (could be anything), with a limit on the total size of the code to be 2004 bytes. In fact, the source file(s) have to be exact 2004 bytes.


<rant>Enums: damn things, enums are great, much friendlier to use than integers. But enums are not accessable from other classes. You can use the enum option names in other classes, but you can cast an integer to that enum. You have to write an accessor function for that. This is very annoying when you are writing a webadmin page for your little mod and you use enums for certain configuration options. Enums are in fact global to the package, but the parser limits it to the class. It would have been nice if there was some way of type casting an enum. You can get the EnumCount from an enum in an other class: ClassInstance.EnumName.EnumCount, but you can't cast.</rant>


Phase 3 dead line has been extended to june 6, glad they did that. I can really use the time. I'm finishing a reserved slot and team balancer add-on for ServerExt, the team balancer needs quite some work and testing.

UnGateway also needs more work, well the IRC module of it anyway. UnCodeX is the only one that is pretty much done, I guess version 203 will be submitted for MSUC.

Don't have any time to implement "meanwhile", the current test version doesn't even work like I want it to. When I change the viewactor it will also inherit the hud. An other option would to use DrawPortal but ofcourse that doesn't work for everybody, or does it?


Writing documentation sucks period

Trying to create some usefull documentation for UnGateway. Only documentating all config variables in a some what readable form takes a shit load of time. Figures why Epic never completely documented the config variables. Maybe I should write an additional plugin for UnCodeX to dump documentation files for config variables per class.


Well looks like my idea to create a mod with only 2004 bytes of code isn't going to work. Only the initial code for "meanwhile" is already over 4.4KiB. Ah well...


MSUC Phase 3 is closing... only a few hours left. I've submitted four items: UnCodeX, ServerExt, UnGateway and Meanwhile. Let's see if I win something this time. So far all my submissions have at least been a "honorable mention".


Checked out the CBP2 volumes. It's nice to see that people completely forgot the Unreal Universe (like ONS-Yorda, that belongs in Morrowind. or CTF-Skorbut, that map even runs like crap). There's maybe one map that claims to b in the unreal universe, but I don't really get the Unreal Universe feeling in that map (ONS-Valarna). Also pretty much every DM map is an inside, dark and tight unnatural collection of passages. Some maps look like factories but have rediculous passages, nobody would ever build a factory like that. Some maps do have a bit of a story telling envoirement, I like that (DM-Griffen (looks a lot like that city on Democratus in the game Anachronox), CTF-Botanic, DM-Koma (overkill on moving materials), CTF-Deep).

Stay tuned for a better review for each map (PS, I'm not going to judge on actual gameplay).

CBP2 review part 1


A small assault map. But don't really like the layout, and the objectives don't make sense. Launch a rocket using a switch?! It should have been a control room. And the position of the defense is also weird; nobody would try to defend the inside of a launch facility. It's an island to usually you have your defense set up to guard the sea around you.

The bright sun was annoying, but would make sense if you where attacking at sun set?

Assault maps are difficult to create, and this is a nice try.


Nice desert map, nice and bright. Looks good, could be part of the Unreal Universe. Just too bad about the map bugs of both bases, part of the base isn't covered by the bright sandy desert look making it way to visible.


Doesn't fit it's description. Argento was too hot, this isn't. Also from the sound of the wind I expect a heavy dust storm, but it's just a minor dust storm. And wtf is up with those large flowers, they really spoil the map. What is the story of the bases? They don't look like a temple or house, they are just... there. The roof shouldn't be that shiny.

Music doesn't fit very well; a desert should have a smooth not to busy score. No music would have been better.


Another desert map, with leafless trees, interesting. An outpost with no doors? It should at least have door that are either obstructed or just broken. Music is good though, fist the desert. And the maze of passages is great. This map fits the Unreal Universe with it's constructions. Except for the overkill on flags ;)


What the hell, did I just start a different game? Very nice map, the music really adds something to the atmosphere. The map however is almost useless, you can't see the roads very well, maybe it's a good thing since it kind of messes with you direction.

There's just one major down point, doesn't fit really well in the unreal universe.


Ok, this is one of my favorite music tracks from Unreal, and it fit's the environment. It really fits the Unreal Universe, this must be somewhere on Na Pali.


Claims to be on Na Pali. It's green, has one of the awesome Unreal music tracks. Buildings have the right design. Yes, this is Na Pali. But the textures on the mountains and buildings are terrible. Some Na Pali animals would also be nice (of course there are no nali cows and rabbits available, too bad). And a little more nali buildings or some skaarjs ruins would be nice.


"Wow", but I get more of a Morrowind feeling than Unreal feeling. The skybox is terrible. The terrain could also use some work. And what's up with the borders of the map, shouldn't that just be rock or something instead of some kind of wall. If it is a wall, then where's the door?


Guess this fits the Pasargadae theme. There are some dark spots, but not too many. Nothing more to say about this map.


Now this is a good map. Has the Unreal feeling and look, music is good. I like those mid-air passageways. Decorations are ok, this map is well dressed. This is maybe one of the best CBP2 maps.


Hmm.. why is there no interaction with the pipe-organ? Music is ok. Quite some passages, but not logical. And some of the cracks in the floor are ridiculous, why would there be water under a floor that's only one tile thick? Contruction style is kind of human like, and those two trees in the middle are a little bit out of context since the other trees are completely different.


It's a nice map, a bit neutral, it could fit in the Unreal Universe or not. The underwater part of the level sucks, it's uncontrolled. And those sharks don't attack. The underwater part should have been limited in one way so that there's only a small part where you could go under water. Or make it larger and add air tanks or something. This just isn't _it_. It would have been better if this was an old research facility, but it doesn't look like a research facility.


Isn't this a remake? Classic CTF level design. The skybox part could have been nicer though. For the rest it's a normal tech level. There should have been more clouds in the middle part to make it a little bit more difficult for the camping defenders to defend; we are very high in the sky anyway.


An old and rusty factory? Where are the machines? I guess this could be in the unreal universe, maybe even somewhere on Na Pali. A bit too many arrows and pointers and less team symbols would be nicer. This map is way to symmetrical, at least change the debris.


"Wow", this looks different. A real overkill on a lot of things, this map doesn't run well. Very nice with all those alternative routes and usage of the buildings. This map really needs a lot of players to be fun. The skybox is interesting, but is just ugly. This is definitely not in the Unreal Universe. Or maybe a really screwed future of the sky city area of Na Pali, that would really suck.


Just a neutral odd construction, something nobody would every build for something else than death match.


Could be a Unreal Universe map, same style as CTF-CBP2-Tropica. That plain in the middle doesn't belong in the Unreal Universe though.


Egyptian looking map, it's nice but would have been much better if more environment was used instead of buildings. In the background there are some nice locations where some nice actions could have taken place (near the waterfall for example). Music choice is good, gives a nice relaxed feeling.


This must have been inspired by DM-Peek. This must be some kind of temple, too bad there's no altar or something like it. Also, it's too clean, no debris. And interior decoration wouldn't be a luxury.


Looks nice, but wtf is it? It starts like some kind of mountain fortress, but inside it's pretty much a cave. And what's with the dragons, they make no sense, why would there be dragons on those locations, and where does the fire come from? It's a small piece of rock behind the two dragons. And there's a little bit to much wood to fix the gaps. The water is also strange, you instantly die, would be nice if the current just took you away underwater and drown you.


The invisible walls with a few obstructions to close some routes are ugly. Could have let a building collapse so the passage was closed, it now still looks like you can go through it. And why is there light burning in every house. The construction style doesn't really match the Unreal Universe. You have been cool if you could shoot at the windows so the light goes out. What's with the swords on the most illogical locations? There are quite some ledges where you can jump on, that's nice, gives the level some more interaction.


A dark ruin, with the darkness corrected with a lot of lights. It's a rather strange place if it could fit in the Unreal Universe.

For the rest this map doesn't have much, it's a simple map.


Industrial map with a shit load of shiny textures, way to many if you ask me. Environment maps are nice, but don't over do it. Like the monitor, but they all have the same text. The construction of the factory isn't even illogical, it could work. The map also has enough interior decoration.


A very dark map in a clock tower. The music is terrible, doesn't fit the map. The clock is also broken; you can't really ring it very well. Some environment hazards would have been nice. It's just too dark, and not what I expect of a clock tower that big.


Ok this is in no way an Unreal Universe map. This map is just awesome; all the little semi-interactive things make it a great map. It also looks very nice. The fence however isn't that great, you can jump high enough to get over it, but you can't. Don't know how you could solve that problem. Music is also nice.


OMFG wtf is this. Way too many moving materials. The idea is great though, it's a map with a story. I don't get the city; there are windows, but again no doors. There's nothing that makes it look like people ever lived here. The "roads" don't make sense, why are they going to and leading from nowhere.


Another dark map with shiny textures. The map doesn't have a purpose, it's just there apparently, it has some steam and pipes. I have no clue why the building was created.


Yep, looks like a Chinese temple, apparently in the middle of a lake. Some walls have a terrible construction (lose stones everywhere), while others are in perfect shape. Somehow I don't really think this sort of things belong in the Unreal Universe. I think the map would have done better if it was set at dawn, with a little fog over the lake, making it a bit more mysterious.


Well, at least it's not dark. What is this, some kind of vent system? And why is there a river beneath this thing?.


Another factory map with a weird face, and with awesome force fields. These force fields are only active when you're very close to it, a great way to create walls and bridges and still keep areas open to shoot through. These force fields look like some strange kind of alien techonology, not really something you would see in a factory like level like this. Anyway, this factory doesn't have machines or screens, or any other things that would explain the construction.


Some kind of weird construction in the montains. Would be nice to see more of these constructions in the skybox. I have no idea what this thing might be. There's somekind of "thing" below the structure that will teleport you back up when you fall of the construction (too bad).


And another dark factory like level. And again the construction doesn't make sense, another "factory like fight arena build by liandri"? And the cleaners did a good tob on cleaning the floor, it's clean and shiny.


Now this looks like a nice old factory, nice and dirty, broken wires, broken glass, steam pipes, things that look like they where part of a machine. But nobody would every build a factory like this, it everything but efficient. Some passages and doors should have been force into this construction, e.g. break a hole in the wall to make it a better arena. The bottom level has been made a bit like that. There are also a lot of inconsistencies in the level, at some point you see there are windows from the outside, but from the inside it's just concrete. Anyway, this doesn't look like the Unreal Universe, the outside view doesn't show a hi-tech city.


Could be a castle on Na Pali, but don't see any nali things. Some parts of the construction don't make sense, to many doorways. I really like the small outdoor bit where you can see some additional buildings outside the castle.


Wee, factory level. Oh, it's underwater. Well the construction doesn't make much sense, but at least it's not very clean. Quite some broken things. And a couple of leaks, what would be really cool is if the level would slowly fill up with water.


Also a factory like level, but for a change the construction could be possible. Too bad there are a couple fo serious map bugs when you have to suicide to get out of.


Anoother underwater factory like level. Guess, this one could get away with it's constrution. That's pretty much it, not more things to complain about this level nor are there any additional cool things.


Pretty much the same as the CTF level, except this is druing daytime. For the rest the same comments as I gave for the CTF level, except for the music. I like the music in the level, but doesn't add much to it's environment.