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Object >> Subsystem >> Engine (Package: Engine)

The base class of the global application object classes.


Primitive Cylinder 
Client Client (const) 
Currently used Client object.
AudioSubsystem Audio (const) 
Currently used audio subsystem
RenderDevice GRenDev (const) 
Currently used render device.
int bShowFrameRate 
Show the frame rate. ("stat fps" command)
int bShowRenderStats 
Show render statistics.
int bShowHardwareStats 
int bShowGameStats 
int bShowNetStats 
Show network statistics. ("Stat Net" command)
int bShowAnimStats 
Show animation statistics.
int bShowLIPSincStats 
Show LIPSinc statistics.
int bShowHistograph 
int bShowXboxMemStats 
int bShowMatineeStats 
Show Matinee specific information
int bShowAudioStats 
int bShowLightStats 
Show dynamic lighting statistics.
int TickCycles 
int GameCycles 
int ClientCycles 
int DetectedVideoMemory (config) 

Settings Group[edit]

int CacheSizeMegs (config) 
bool UseSound (config) 
Whether the sound subsystem should be used.
bool UseStaticMeshBatching (config) 
bool ServerReadsStdin (config) 
float CurrentTickRate 
Current tick rate. On clients this is probably equal to the framerate.

Color Group[edit]

These are used mainly by UnrealEd, but they are in fact declared here, so they might as well show up under [Engine.GameEngine] in the INI file.

color C_WorldBox (config) 
color C_GroundPlane (config) 
color C_GroundHighlight (config) 
color C_BrushWire (config) 
color C_Pivot (config) 
color C_Select (config) 
color C_Current (config) 
color C_AddWire (config) 
color C_SubtractWire (config) 
color C_GreyWire (config) 
color C_BrushVertex (config) 
color C_BrushSnap (config) 
color C_Invalid (config) 
color C_ActorWire (config) 
color C_ActorHiWire (config) 
color C_Black (config) 
color C_White (config) 
color C_Mask (config) 
color C_SemiSolidWire (config) 
color C_NonSolidWire (config) 
color C_WireBackground (config) 
color C_WireGridAxis (config) 
color C_ActorArrow (config) 
color C_ScaleBox (config) 
color C_ScaleBoxHi (config) 
color C_ZoneWire (config) 
color C_Mover (config) 
color C_OrthoBackground (config) 
color C_StaticMesh (config) 
color C_VolumeBrush (config) 
color C_ConstraintLine (config) 
color C_AnimMesh (config) 
color C_TerrainWire (config) 

Known Subclasses[edit]