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This class is part of the EnhancedItems package by Wormbo.


Inherited From Actor (UT)

PostBeginPlay( ) 
Calculates the maximum size offset.

Inherited From Legacy:EnhancedItems/PlayerShellEffect

ShowMe( ) 
Sets the mesh and drawscale to the owning player's values.

New Methods

byte GetIdealFatness(int FatnessOffset) 
Returns a good fatness offset.
int GetMaxOffset( ) 
Returns the maximum possible fatness offset.

Some Subclasses in EnhancedItems-based Mods

  • AuraShell – Base class of effects used by the auras in Wizzard UT, a mod (maybe too?) heavily inspired by Diablo 2. It's unfinished and will never be released officially, so here's a link: (You also need to download the EnhancedItems package.)
  • Q3PlayerShell – PlayerShells used in Quake 3 Tournament
    • EnviroShell – the Battle Suit's visual effect
    • QuadShell – the Quad Damage's visual effect
    • RegenShell – the Regeneration' visual effect