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Some infos about me[edit]

Well, I wanna tell something about myself...

My real name is Benjamin Behrendt and I´m looking forward to finish my training to a Fachinformatiker Anwendungsentwicklung next year.

I´ve tried my first attemps in UScript as UnrealTournament was some time at the market. But had´t understood much off all it. Till the time UT2K3 cames out I wrote several small Mutators for myself to see what will happen when changing this or this.

Now there is UT2K3 out, and I´ve started to get into the whole content. Maybe I´ll win the fight against the code :)

So, that should be enough information. Just one informatione left. At the time I wrote this, I´m 21 years old.



As time goes by and people requesting some stuff, I created lately two mutators. I just want them to be mentioned, because else no one knows about them ;)

No Amplifer Get it here

As the name allready says the Damage Amplifer is removed from the current game.

Sniper Match Plus Get it here

SMP is a small mutator that I created on a users request. The rules for the match were very simple and some thinks might change in a future release. For the featured rules there is damage taking while running, loose frag on death and killed by. Pretty simple, but takes care of the users needs.


Actually I'm working on a small mod that uses the Scorpion as main vehicle. If you know Mario Kart and its sequals you may know that the varios vs. modes have a serious fun factor. I try to bring that fun into the world of UT2K4 and the mod will feature modes like the "Bomb Op" from Mario Kart Double Dash or the original "Balloon" mode. There will also some new modes, but first these two will be done. Later the vehicle model may change also.


Unreal Engine Development Tools

The UEDT is a Eclipse Plugin that is intended to help the developer with various thinks. I planned to create several Tools like an UMOD Wizard, Package Explorer and of course UnrealScript Editor.

At the moment there is only very basic UnrealScript support, as i started the project a few weeks ago. The first public release will be as soon as i get the code outline page and syntax highlighting working.

If anyone with Eclipse Plugin experience is interested to participate, feel free to contact me.

Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki. :)

EntropicLqd: Welcome to the Wiki. Don't forget about the Mod Ideas page.

Evil-Devil: Thanks for the welcome :) As I´d understand all this new things in the wiki world, I´ll write down my current Mutator idea. Which might be really funny if it works :)