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I (Foogod) have put together a custom CSS stylesheet for use with the Wiki. Anyone who wants to is welcome to use it as well.

Simple Gray Stylesheet[edit]

(The following is quoted from the comments included with the CSS stylesheet:)

This is a stylesheet intended to be used with the Unreal Wiki (http://wiki.beyondunreal.com/). This theme is based on the "Chilled Blue" stylesheet, with some changes to accomplish a few particular goals:

  1. Reduction of wasted space. The width of the sidebar has been reduced so it isn't taking up so much of the content area of the screen. Quote boxes now take up a decent portion of the content width, instead of having huge blank spaces on either side of a "cash register receipt width" box of text. Various other elements have had margins or other whitespace reduced to make more effective use of the screen real estate.
  1. Made some elements (table borders, colored text) a bit more visible on some LCD screens.
  1. More consistent theme. Some of the elements of the "Chilled Blue" style seemed somewhat inconsistent and jarring (the green headers, etc). Well, to me at least..
  1. Better distinction of different parts of the Wiki interface. The footer, diff displays, etc are now clearly distinct from the content of the page. (not really critical, but I think it makes it look better and is a bit easier to find what you're looking for at a glance)

Other things done along the way:

  • Color changes to make a general "shades of gray" theme. Personally, I find this not only to look good, but also to be more soothing to read.
  • Made underline () styling more distinctive, so it won't be confused with links.
  • Cleaned up the stylesheet to use more relative font sizing and element spacing, so the font can be (more or less) scaled globally (to account for higher resolution screens, etc) and everything else will adjust appropriately. (if nothing else, it's good CSS policy to do things this way)

Using the Stylesheet[edit]

To use this stylesheet, open your Preferences page, go to the bottom, and enter the following URL into the box labelled "External CSS file (overrides content)":


That's all there is to it. Feedback is welcome.