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furrycat's mods and stuff[edit]

As soon as I get round to it, I will write some blurb about the coding of these mods, which were made to learn about UnrealScript and may not work well or at all for you.

  • Blocks (zip file): Older version of Blocks. I know, I should update this for Linux/Mac users.
  • Reflect-o-Beam: Modified Shock Rifle whose beams reflect off surfaces. Can be configured so each reflect increases or decreases damage dealt or set to Zoom Instagib mode. Top fun but probably laggy.
  • StickyCam: Splinter Cell style Sticky Cam. Sticks to surfaces (and other players!) and cams. Hence the name. My first mutator so inefficient but seems to work in netplay.
  • ThirdPerson: Splinter Cell style third person player controller. For testing purposes; not worth downloading.

furrycat's tutorials and ramblings[edit]

furrycat's other game pages[edit]

Other pages I did at some point.

  • SWAT3: Everything worth knowing about SWAT3 and a bunch of stuff not worth knowing.
  • Tiger Woods golf: Aborted attempt to reverse engineer various game file formats.
  • Jedi Outcast: How to make a custom sabre and not much else.
  • SWAT: Urban Justice: Game will never be released but the introduction to Maya tutorials live on.

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