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UT2003 :: GUI >> GUIComponent >> GUILabel

This class is a text label. You use it to display labels or multiple lines of text. It's probably more complex than you are expecting - but at least it's easy to use.



localized string Caption
The text to display.
eTextAlign TextAlign
How the text is aligned in its bounding box (the bounding box attributes are inherited from GUIComponent).
color TextColor
The color of the text when it doesn't have focus (labels don't normally get focus).
color FocusedTextColor
The color of the text when the label does have focus (unusual).
EMenuRenderStyle TextStyle
The canvas style to use to display the label.
string TextFont
The font the text for the label should be displayed in. The string refers to a class derived from GUIFont. Doesn't work – the fonts specified in the style selected by the inherited StyleName property are used.
bool bTransparent
Set this to false if your label should have a background drawn for it (default is true).
bool bMultiLine
If this is true the text will be cut so that it is displayed on multiple lines within its bounding box. If the text is too big for the bounding box it gets truncated
color BackColor
This is the background color for the label. This is only relevant if bTransparent = false.

Example Definition[edit]

defaultproperties {
  Begin Object class=GUILabel Name=TestLabel
    Caption="Label text"
  End Object

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