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When a pawn is hurt or if its just really chicken it will seek its way to its HomeBase (preferably this is a place out of the way or a place where the pawn can get backup).

Works with ScriptedPawn. The Tag of this actor should be the same as the tag of the creatures who are to use it.



float Extent 
How far the base extends from central point. Only places in line of sight from the HomeBase actor belong to the base.


vector LookDir 
Direction to look while stopped. This is set to a vector of length 200 pointing in a direction corresponding to the HomeBase's rotation.

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Tarquin: hmmmmm on second thoughts, if this & PatrolPOint etc ONLY work with ScriptedPawn they're probably best on the same page.... darn.

Legal: I thought Homebase was necessary for bots in CTF/Assault... or at least working... Aren't they? I'm quite sure. Fill this page with info, please...

Foxpaw: This page has been neglected for a long time. Anyone know anything about these?

SuperApe: I'm slowly herding these pages together and linking them. They are all part of the ScriptedPawn family of NavPoints that UT mappers used to help define the AI for NPCs and Bots. In terms of organization, I do think they should be kept separate class pages, but they did need linkage.