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Hugh Macdonald






Articles On Wiki

Unreal Movie Studio (and linked tutorials)


UnFramed Productions - VFX, UT Machinima, UT Mod

Broken Pipe Films - Proper film stuff

Unreal-related Projects

Unreal Movie Studio (tool) - co-creator

Arcadia (machinima) - co-producer

Resident Unreal (UT mod) - cutscene creator (and ex-coder)

Unreal Developer Network - contributor

Other stuff

I'm in the process of porting my UMS tutorials across to UnrealWiki - these are getting quite out-of-date, so it anyone wants to update them, do feel free to.


Hugh: Thanks to C0ry for providing me with a great outline for my page! (and apologies for blatantly nicking it!)

Tarquin: Hi & welcome to the Unreal Wiki. :D

Hugh: Thanks - I hope I can be of help to the community!

Birelli: Yeah, nice layout, I think it won't last though, check out Tarquin's 2 pages of signings ;-)

Hugh: Oh well, never mind - at least it'll look nice at the top...

EntropicLqd: Hey Hugh, any idea if the Epic and DE devs stop by the Wiki once in a while? If so what do they think of it? Your Unreal Movie Studio tutorials rock by the way. Kept me amused for a few hours they did.

Hugh: No idea, I'm afraid - they're pretty busy getting the game finished at the moment...