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About Me[edit]

I'm a casual mapper who loves the Unreal series. I like originality in maps, especially in gameplay. I played UT, UT2004, and UT3; I like UT2004 and UT3 equally (except for the menu systems...) and will probably switch to mapping for UT3. I am very active on the BUF mapping forum, and somewhat active on other sites. Also, I am a map reviewer at Insite.

My Website[edit]

Visit to see my maps, a huge tutorials section which aims to guide mappers from total newbie to expert, and an article I wrote on Level Design. Everything on the site is for UT2004 and UT3.

As of January 3, 2008, the site has officially launched a new, much more aesthetic theme.


My most recent map, CTF-LeftAlive, has been completed as of August 25, 2007. Situated on an alien planet that was once a volcanic nightmare, this nighttime map is totally asymmetrical but extremely balanced. The gameplay has received much praise, and the visuals have been applauded since the theme change to the alien planet.

Future Projects[edit]

I've discussed collaborating with ShredPrince on two different maps. We're thinking about releasing a joint map pack with 2-4 maps. I might also revive a collaborative project I had once planned with *|BILLY$CLINT|* but update it for UT3's Warfare gametype, and I'd like to contact DGUnreal again about getting him to contribute to a map pack.

Having said that, given the amount of free time I have, the possibility of much getting done is fairly small. Certainly, at least one map will be produced from all this though. :D