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UT2003 :: Actor >> Info >> InternetInfo >> InternetLink (Package: IpDrv)

Parent class for Internet connection classes TcpLink and UdpLink.

See InternetLink (UT) for the UT version if this class.



Specifies, how received data should be processed.

Data is plain text. The entire buffer should be received as a single string.
Data is plain text. The buffer should be split up into lines and each line should be received as a separate string.
Data is binary. The data is received in chunks of up to 255 bytes as a byte array.


Received events will not be called. Use the IsDataPending() method to check for new data and manually read the data using the appropriate Read*() method.
Every tick when new data has arrived the Received*() event matching the link mode is called with the new data.


For line link mode this enum specifies the line separator. Supported separators are CRLF ("\r\n"), only LF ("\n") and LFCR ("\n\r").

For sending the line separator is CRLF, for receiving the line separator is LF, optionally preceeded by CR.
Line separator is CRLF.
Line separator is only LF.
Line separator is LFCR.



An IP address with port.

int Addr 
The IP address as integer.
int Port 
The port.


ELinkMode LinkMode 
Data receive mode. (Cannot be set in default properties.)
pointer Socket (const) 
Internal pointer to the native TCP socket.
int Port (const) 
Bound port, if any.
pointer RemoteSocket (const) 
Internal pointer to the native TCP remote socket if connected.
pointer PrivateResolveInfo (private, native, const) 
int DataPending (const) 
Number of bytes pending.
EReceiveMode ReceiveMode 
Receive mode. (Cannot be set in default properties.)


Native Functions

bool IsDataPending() 
Returns true if data is pending on the socket.
bool ParseURL(coerce string URL, out string Addr, out int Port, out string LevelName, out string EntryName) 
Parses an Unreal URL into its component elements. Returns false if the URL was invalid.
Resolve(coerce string Domain) 
Resolve a domain or dotted IP to an IpAddr struct without Port. This function returns immediately. The Resolved() event will be called on success, otherwise ResolveFailed() is called.
int GetLastError() 
Returns most recent winsock error.
string IpAddrToString (IpAddr Arg) 
Convert an IP address to a string.
bool StringToIpAddr (string Str, out IpAddr Addr) 
Convert a string to an IP
string GameSpyValidate (string ValidationString) 
Takes a challenge string and returns an encoded validation string.
string GameSpyGameName() 
GetLocalIP(out IpAddr Arg) 
Fills in the locally bound IP address.


Resolved(IpAddr Addr) 
Called when domain resolution is successful. The IpAddr struct Addr contains the valid address.
Called when domain resolution fails.

Known subclasses