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Gametype for Unreal Tournament. See the Jailbreak Press Center for detailed information.

  • Current public version: UT/320 a.k.a. Jailbreak III Gold (code revision: Service Pack 2) for Unreal Tournament
  • Current public version: UT2003/102 and UT2004/102 a.k.a. Jailbreak 2003b and Jailbreak 2004b a.k.a. Jailbreak ECE (Service Pack 2) for Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004 respectively

Mapping for Jailbreak[edit]

The links below form the Jailbreak mapping guidelines and reference. These subpages are in the Wiki to be worked on by the Jailbreak mapping community. They are linked to from the PlanetJailbreak Mapping page.

Web Links[edit]