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Day 165 of 2003[edit]

So I'm digging around the bot spawning code in the game types and it's pretty obfuscated. It seems to me that in name of "proper object-oriented design" that the code for UT2k3 is much for obscure and indirect than the UT stuff. Makes sifting through it a little more tedious. Don't get me wrong, they've cleaned up a lot of stuff, but I wonder if they haven't overcomplicated some things.

Anyway, so I was digging through the bot spawning code and noticed a little something that many of you have probably already seen. If you create a game and use the name CliffyB then all the bots that spawn will be named after the guys in Epic. And apparently The_Reaper bot gets set to bad ass. Not that interesting, but novel.


Mychaeel: I'd like to move that to Developer Journals/JoeDark if you don't mind.

Tarquin: This might be a good time to start switching over page names, as discussed on the DevJour page

Mychaeel: Your call. I'm fine with either. For the sake of consistency the existing developer journals should be moved to "Author/Developer Journal" though and a redirect from the original page should be established to that new page.

JoeDark: Indeed, I saw Tarquin's remark in the Journal page and decided to make it here. Though I don't honestly care if you want it moved somewhere else. Let me know what you guys decide.

Nytro: I suggest a "Category Developer Journal".

Tarquin: Done