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Greetings. No, it's not my real name :) Not even close. It's really a modification of the cartoon character "Johnny Bravo" (ho, momma!), with baz & bar of course being completely over used so-called "metasyntactic variables" by hacking geek types. I used to use my real name on the web, but stopped doing anything like that because of SPAM. :|

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I've been a fan of the Unreal series since I first heard about it long before Unreal 1 came out. I quickly started hacking things with Unreal 1.

Long ago, I used to have a hosted site on PlanetUnreal called Naliwood Production Studios, where I wrote a spectator camera system for the original Unreal called DeathWatch, and worked on early attempts at Unreal-based movie making, long before the term "machinima" came about. You can actually find some of it in the Web Archive (geez, I can't believe that was 4 years ago!):*/

I think UT2K3 is a fine game, but I bought more because I wanted access to the engine and tools, than the game itself. I'm really looking forward to Unreal 2.

Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki. :) Please add yourself to the Project Contributors list.

Tarquin: Hello & welcome. :D

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Hi and Welcome to the wiki! :) :tup:

Johnny Bazbar - Thanks y'all! Pleased to be here, I'll try not to muck anything up :)