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UT2003 :: Object >> Actor >> NavigationPoint >> JumpDest

From the comments in the class source: "Specifies positions that can be reached with greater than normal jump. Forced paths will check for greater than normal jump capability. Note that these have NO relation to JumpPads."

JumpDest's only subclass, JumpSpot, seems to be what you should use for mapping. At least for UT2003, this class appears to just be used to establish code that is inherited by JumpSpot.


bool bForceDoubleJump 
Tells bots to try to double-jump to reach this node, apparently when following a forced path. See JumpSpot for how to use. This property was added after the initial release of UT2003 AFAWK: it doesn't appear in some sources.


bool bOptionalJumpDest 
float CalculatedGravityZ[8] 
vector NeededJump[8] 
int NumUpstreamPaths 
ReachSpec UpstreamPaths[8] 


DoJump( Pawn Other )
int GetPathIndex( ReachSpec Path )


int SpecialCost( Pawn Other , ReachSpec Path )
bool SuggestMovePreparation( Pawn Other )