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Well basically, I was trying to find a way to let players jump higher, but not have to mess about with the grav and give too much aircontrol, so then i remembered a mutator called "Jumpzone", it's a custom mutator (at least on the GOTY version of UT) so i grabbed the code from that mutator and slapped it into a new ZoneInfo (UT) class, Result!

Basically it gave every player a pair of boots that never ran out, which was basically what i had wanted.

I found a few other custom zones that claimed to do that sort of thing, but none worked, or they only worked if a player entered that zone from another, no good if you wanted the main area of the map to have this sort of thing

So i claim no credit for making this, i just put the code that was already there into a different actor class


See Create a subclass for instructions on using this in your map.

// JumpZone.
class JumpZone expands ZoneInfo;
function PostBeginPlay()
	if ( Level.Game.IsA('DeathMatchPlus') )
		DeathMatchPlus(Level.Game).bJumpMatch = true;
function bool CheckReplacement(Actor Other, out byte bSuperRelevant)
	if ( Other.IsA('UT_JumpBoots') )
		return false;
	return true; 

it works fine, quite useful as well, beside from the normal type uses, it can be a quick fix to turn a map built for translocator use, to a version that doesnt need a translocator, just by adding one zoneinfo, or converting a map that was designed for a low grav server, to be able to be used on a normal grav server.

Anyway, i hope you find this useful and that it saves you time, because...thats what the wiki is for :)

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xX)(Xx: Just something simple, but i spent quite a long time trying to figure out how to do that kindof thing to my map, and the wiki had nothing! So maybe, someone else wanting the same sort of thing will find this here and it will help :)