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UT2003 :: ... >> KConstraint >> KCarWheelJoint



This appears to be the axle joint used by the Bulldog vehicle.


bool bKSteeringLocked 
steering 'locked' in straight ahead direction
float KBraking 
torque applied to brake wheel
float KMaxSpeed 
max speed to try and reach using KMotorTorque (65535 = 1 rotation per second)
float KMaxSteerSpeed 
for steering controller (65535 = 1 rotation per second)
float KMaxSteerTorque 
for steering controller
float KMotorTorque 
torque applied to drive this wheel (can be negative)
float KProportionalGap 
for steering controller (65535 = 360 deg)
float KSteerAngle 
desired steering angle to achieve using controller (65535 = 360 deg)
float KSuspDamping 
float KSuspHighLimit 
float KSuspLowLimit 
float KSuspRef 
float KSuspStiffness 


float KWheelHeight 
height of wheel relative to suspension centre