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This page is a Developer's Journal for Kamek. Feel free to make your own comments on entries, just make a subsection under the entry for comments and add your thoughts. Do not alter other peoples' comments or the original entry. Thank you.

November 9, 2004[edit]

Note to self: look into Postal 2's menus, this might be the cause of our server crashes.

Mysterial: It seems as though Actor references don't get properly set to None in objects not subclassed from Actor. I had an Interaction that set a variable to one of the local pawn's inventory items, and if that pawn died the game would often crash because the variable wasn't None even though the inventory item no longer existed.

In addition, the game will randomly crash during garbage collection if an object that is no longer referenced (for example, a menu long closed) if that object contains an invalid Actor reference. The trademark of such a crash is a long list of (Some Object)→Serialize strings in the backtrace.

November 3, 2004[edit]

I canned Deck17 for Postal 2 and instead made a level called "Yet Another Rats Map", a rats map similar to my bedroom.

Oh, and I voted for Bush.

October 29, 2004[edit]

Whoa. *dust off the cobwebs*

Since I last touched this page, there's been a lot of crap that I've done, such as finishing P2Jailbreak and coding some other mods, which can be found on my personal page.

Today I decided to convert a UT2004 map to Postal 2, so I decided on Deck 16's famed next-door neighbor, Deck 17. The brushes are done, now I'm copying all the static meshes. Not easy.

At work[edit]

Random Gravity mutator idea. The gravity would change at random intervals, one minute you might be moonwalking, the next minute you can hardly jump at all. Maybe some other effects too, like wind or something.

June 10, 2004[edit]

I'm a lazy bastard and don't update my journal as often as I should.

I did run into a few problems with Postal 2. Apparently Postal 2's version of ScriptedTexture doesn't allow for the DrawPortal function. This pretty much shot down my plans for jail cameras for P2JailBreak. Instead I had to use something similar to Mychaeel's CameraSpot. I created a new class called ChangeViewTrigger which can be linked to a volume or other trigger to change the player's viewpoint to another camera, player, etc.

I do have most of the glitches worked out for P2JailBreak. The only real major problem left is that players who kill MadCow-infected players don't receive the bonuses they're supposed to. MadCow Disease is the P2JailBreak version of the Llama Hunt, intended to punish players who reconnect to escape jail.

Ponderous-JB how has 6 of the ChangeViewTriggers, 3 for each jail. One of them is linked up to the big-screen TV in the bedroom-turned-jail, which shows an outside view of the base you're locked up in. The other two show you a view of the current leader or one of your non-jailed teammates.

I have some major wiki work to do on the Postal 2 classes...

June 6, 2004[edit]

P2JailBreak is going smoothly. It's not as sophisticated as the newer UT2K3/2K4 versions of Jailbreak but it'll suffice for the Postal community.

I made Jailbreak maps out of Ponderous, Intifada, and Ghetto Sewer. Ponderous and Intifada are SNATCH maps that come with Postal 2 and Ghetto Sewer is a custom SNATCH map.

Renegade didn't do a very good job with Ghetto Sewer. On the outside the map rocks, but there are a lot of technical issues, such as zone leakage... and don't forget the fact that there isn't a single PathNode in the entire map...

June 5, 2004[edit]

Begun work on the Postal 2 version of Jailbreak. Please don't sue me Mychaeel :O

June 1, 2004[edit]

I made a post on the RWS Message Board inquiring about what mod I should make next for Postal 2. I have a few changes to make to Postal 2/PostalArena before I release version 1.2, hopefully the last version I'll need to make.

I narrowed it down to the following.

  • JailBreak. I had a look at the JailBreak web site and I think this would go over quite well for Postal 2. It should be fairly easy to code, but I'll probably dispense with all the extras that the UT version of JailBreak has, with the exception of Llama Hunting, because we all hate cheaters. (Jailbreak)
  • Expert Snatch. This would be more suitable as a Snatch mutator that simply starts players off with the complete arsenal of weapons, 125 health, and a few goodies such as a crack pipe. I don't want to add a grappling hook because of the nature of some of the snatch levels. (Mod_Ideas/ExpertCTF)

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