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UT2003 :: Object >> KarmaParamsCollision >> KarmaParams >> KarmaParamsSkel

The Karma physics parameter specific to skeletons. This is a native subclass used for Karma ragdoll physics.

Note: All parameters are in Karma scale.



string KSkeleton 
Karma Asset to use for this skeleton. This is the textual name of the skeleton asset to use with this actor.
bool bKDoConvulsions 
Whether to convulse and spasm.
bool bRubbery 
range KConvulseSpacing 
Time between convulsions.


vector KShotStart (transient) 
When the skeletal physics starts up, we check this line against the skeleton, and apply an impulse with magnitude KShotStrength if we hit a bone. This has to be deferred because ragdoll-startup is.
vector KShotEnd (transient) 
float KShotStrength (transient) 
bool bKImportantRagdoll (transient) 
This indicates this ragdoll will not be recycled during KMakeRagdollAvailable

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Unknown (author): I believe you must use the #exec directive to import the skeleton if it is not been previously imported into another package, but I haven't tested it too thoroughly.