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About Me[edit]

I'm Kyoufu Kawa, Kawachan to the friends, I'm a 320 years old tentacle demon and really like game engines that are easily modded.

I made a name in the Romhacking scene by writing EliteMap (a Pokémon map editor) and various little tools to go along with it.

I'm also rumored to be a sexaholic.

As for contributions to this site, I noticed the class tree is rather empty, page wise.

My mod's banner. Thanks to the Trasher for the little logo. You won't believe how easy the text effect is.

May 19th 2004 Trashy said UT was dirt cheap nowadays. Bought it. It rocks. Verily.

My Stuff[edit]

My mod[edit]

Working on it. Got some screenshots at the Legacy:Kawachan/Noodles project page.

Deus Ex wardrobe system[edit]

//Put THIS line between "event TravelPostAccept" and JC's class definition.
var travel int PlayerCostume;
exec function SwitchCostumes(int NewCostume) //Yes, it's also a cheat.
     PlayerCostume = NewCostume;
     if (PlayerCostume > 1)     //Your maximum here
          ClientMessage("PlayerCostume can't be higher than 1. Falling back to 0.");
          PlayerCostume = 0;
          case 0:     //Standard coat and armor
               Mesh = LodMesh'DeusExCharacters.GM_Trench';
               MultiSkins[1] = Texture'DeusExCharacters.Skins.JCDentonTex2';
               MultiSkins[2] = Texture'DeusExCharacters.Skins.JCDentonTex3';
               MultiSkins[3] = Texture'DeusExCharacters.Skins.JCDentonTex0';
               MultiSkins[4] = Texture'DeusExCharacters.Skins.JCDentonTex1';
               MultiSkins[5] = Texture'DeusExCharacters.Skins.JCDentonTex2';
          case 1: //MiB disguise
               Mesh = LodMesh'DeusExCharacters.GM_Suit';
               MultiSkins[1] = Texture'DeusExCharacters.Skins.PantsTex5';
               MultiSkins[2] = Texture'DeusExCharacters.Skins.JCDentonTex0';
               MultiSkins[3] = Texture'DeusExCharacters.Skins.MIBTex1';
               MultiSkins[4] = Texture'DeusExCharacters.Skins.MIBTex1';
               MultiSkins[5] = Texture'DeusExCharacters.Skins.FramesTex2';
               MultiSkins[6] = Texture'DeusExCharacters.Skins.LensesTex3';
               MultiSkins[7] = Texture'DeusExItems.Skins.PinkMaskTex';

For the Carcass, I'd use something like MultiSkins[0] = Player.MultiSkins[0];, copying mesh and multiskins from the player object (JCDenton).

My Problems[edit]

  • Getting UnrealEd 2 to run with Deus Ex. Any ideas?

Other things from Kawachan[edit]


  • Help Xhiris with the Deus Ex class tree.
  • Make some joke UT screenshots. Got some very stupid ideas.


Tarquin: hi, welcome to the wiki :)

Kawachan: Thank you. I was already expecting this.

Ailure: I must get Deus Ex now... >_> at least show us some screenshots when you can. ^_^

Kawachan: I will as soon as I rebuild my map. In UED2!