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Mouse Click Shortcuts[edit]

Shortcut Description
A + mouse click Add actor there.
L + mouse click Add light there.
Alt + mouse drag item Duplicate item.
Shift + click on BSP surface Apply material.

Shortcut Keys[edit]

Shortcut Description
Delete Delete selected actors
Home Go to selected actor
1, 2, 3 Slow, medium, and fast movement speed.
F1 Help
F4 Actor properties
F5 Surface properties
F6 Level properties
F7 Compile changed scripts
F8 Rebuilder
B Toggle brush visibility in the current viewport
E Toggle event lines in the current viewport (Does this do anything?)
F Toggle fog visibility in the current viewport (Does this do anything?)
H Toggle actor visibility in the current viewport
K Toggle backdrop visibility in the current viewport (Does this do anything?)
O Toggle volume visibility in the current viewport
P Toggle player controls or realtime update of the viewport
S Toggle selection highlight in the current viewport
T Toggle terrain visiblity in the current viewport
W Toggle static mesh visibility in the current viewport
Shift-A Select all actors
Shift-B Select all surfaces belonging to the selected surfaces' brushes
Shift-C Select adjacent coplanar polygons
Shift-D Duplicate selected actors
Shift-F Select adjacent floors
Shift-G Select surfaces belonging to the selected surfaces' groups
Shift-I Select surfaces with items matching the selected surfaces' items
Shift-J Select all adjacent surfaces (flood-fill)
Shift-L Look ahead in the current viewport (no pitch or roll)
Shift-M Memorize selected surfaces
Shift-N Select none
Shift-O Select surfaces from intersection of selected surfaces and memory
Shift-P Select all surfaces
Shift-Q Reverse the set of selected surfaces
Shift-R Recall memorized surface selection
Shift-T Select all surfaces which use the current texture
Shift-U Select union of selected surfaces and memorized surfaces
Shift-W Select adjacent wall surfaces (flood-fill)
Shift-X Select exclusive or of selected surfaces and memorized surfaces
Shift-Y Select adjacent slanted surfaces
Shift-Z Select none
Ctrl-A Add brush to world
Ctrl-B Load brush
Ctrl-C Copy
Ctrl-D Deintersect brush with world
Ctrl-E Save as
Ctrl-L Save level
Ctrl-O Load level
Ctrl-P Play level
Ctrl-N Intersect brush with world
Ctrl-R Redo
Ctrl-S Subtract brush from world
Ctrl-V Paste
Ctrl-W Duplicate
Ctrl-X Cut
Ctrl-Z Undo

Mychaeel: This list is highly redundant with Selecting Surfaces. Before I bother to reorganize it to make it clearer, any objections to simply deleting the duplicate stuff?

Tarquin: I can see reasons in favour or both options... :)

Mychaeel: I think adding a link from Selecting Surfaces to here is the best option – the list can still be printed or viewed as a whole and no information coherence is lost. The problem with content duplication (which is a Bad Thing, according to your own words) is that duplicated content tends to become inconsistent.

Tarquin: urg... no, that wasn't me, that was my evil twin!!! Yeah, I'd say keep this complete list for reference, and Selecting Surfaces as a reference for surface manipulation, and extra detail should go there.

neilthecellist: Any possibility of including all the shortcuts? Forgive me if there is already page that includes mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

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