My program doesn't have bugs. It just develops random features.


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Hi. I'm Kirin. I make skins for games and enjoy doing so. I also do some modelling and learning some UC by looking at code.

class adobePhotoshop extends myEgo

See ... you can tell I forgot to take my pills when I was typing this. Anyway, I was referred by DJPaul in an IRC session and that's how I ended up here. :)

I'm a junky in photoshop, and I write stuff as well, usually poetry and misc. notes. Sometimes, I'll use some compiling scripts (because I'm too lazy to open the UnrealEd texture browser for texture compiling). Please be aware that I can be rather psychotic and unusual depending the time of day and what I'm listening to. Generally, if I'm listening to Enya, you can gaurantee that I'm in a good and stable mood today. I also have an unusual passion for ninjas. One reason being is that they are cool and when I mean by cool I mean totally sweet.

I manage a website with some artwork and stuff that is done by my friend and I:

Along with managing a website, I also write skin reviews for polycount:

Currently, I'm working with the ChaoticDreams team on their next upcoming installment to ChaosUT ... ChaosUT2: Evolution. I make misc. objects and stuff for them.

I guess I should put more stuff about myself here... but for now ... here's something I'm working on:

<img src="">

She is that evil skater girl person on MTV. She drives me batty sometimes. I guess why she's anything but ordinary. :/

DJPaul: Yeah, truely puntastic: i'm Losing my Grip and am nearly going to kill you. I'd ask someone to hold me back, but that's a little Too Much To Ask, no? ;)

Here is my work station:

<img src="">

It's a bit cramped but I can manage. As long I have a set of Enya's music, my sanity can be set strait and evil-skater-girl-person-with-black-noose on the right of my monitor will not do psychological harm to my work environment. On a side note, I really love Enya's music. It's very relaxing and calms my mind. Some tracks are even uplifting like "Only If" and "Anywhere Is" while others are haunting like "Tempus Vernum" and "Pax Deorum".

Other things that I also enjoy doing is riding my bike in the rain (I feel more refreshed than riding in dry land) and painting. I like splatting acrylics on objects and doing weird stuff to it. Notice on my previous image that there's a painting on the side of my case. I did that, but I'm not done with it. I'm actually thinking of getting a bucket of turpentine and starting over on it with something different.

Anyway ... I think that's it about me. I'll add more when I'm bored.

Feel free to contact me:

email: kirin at polycount dot com
ICQ: 8104583
AIM: KirinRiotCrash
Y!M: kirinsensei

Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki, Kirin. :)

EntropicLqd: Welcome to the Wiki. Enjoy your stay :)

DJPaul: Avril Lavigne, gimp; my second favourite artist next to Kid Rock. I am trying to get to the 27/03/03 tour (see - anyone interested in accompyaning me?

Eldhrin: Enya == wonderful

Kirin: I'd love to go, but that's in London Ontario Canada ... I can't make that. :( ... I'll have to wait until she's a bit closer in the NC area while she tours. Right now, I just started rigging Avril. I'm going to start animating her tomorrow. Can't wait to see what I can come up with in Character Studio. :D Eldhrin, I have just about all of Enya's albums. All I'm missing are some B-Sides and Singles.

Ike Bart: Did I mention that Avril Lavigne is one of my current favorite artists? I'm so glad that she's doing well with her current video on TRL. ;-)

DJPaul: No, monkey; that's London, England. The original London. Guess that's even further though, heh.

Kirin: Oh bugger! That's WAY too far! I thought you meant Canada since Avril is Canadian. Personally, I think Avril would live up to her punk image if she was a little bit like the new Sum 41 with a harder note and an optional parental advisor sticker attached to it. (or maybe a little bit of the old Sum 41 ... who knows) Her latest single though ... reminds me of travelling with strangers. The lyrics anyways. :o